To My Distant Past

It’s almost a year since we part ways. I still regret of letting you go and been thinking if I did the right thing when I decided to part ways with you. When I’m alone which happens most of the time, I been thinking that I shouldn’t let go of you. I never intended to be attached into someone and I thought when I let you go I can easily move on and forget about you ‘coz I’m always been this selfish girl that you’ve fallen in love with. But the moment you are gone and the space you fill in my entire heart, i couldn’t forget about you. Then again I think and think and concluded I really make the right decision after all. Why? It’s like what I said before we both didn’t grow together before when we are together you are just like that high school guy I first met and so do I. We didn’t even have the components to a relationship which is trust and understanding. You honestly don’t trust me and I couldn’t understand you at all. We hide feelings and secrets to each other which isn’t not good to our relationship. In short we truly didn’t grow up like today. It’s amazing we lasted for almost six years of holding on. But we need to grow, and the only way is to feel the pain and grow separately and look at now its a success of what we are today. Coz all we have yesterday was just learning how to act in public as the best couple and I admit it. Sorry and Thank you. I’ll strive harder and move forward as I could like what you are doing today. Things might have really change but one thing hasn’t change and it’s the truth that I onced loved you so dearly and I looked up to you. Because no matter what you will always be the guy, my first love and my marine boy. :)
shuneden shuneden
18-21, F
Dec 8, 2012