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I really really like this girl, but she's just not ready for a relationship. I know her since 8 years. We've been awesome friends. She's just not ready to take it a step forward.

She once spent half and hour justifying how "friend" is longer than "love", "friendship" is stronger than "relationship". She is true at some places. Most relationships of people around me haven't lasted more than 4 months. But they knew the girl for less time, and those guys took the girls casually.

I've always loved hard
So I'll take it slow

It's true. When I love I love hard. I just don't let go of her. She comes in my dreams, my thoughts, even during studying. I have this dream to take her some secret place, give her a nice gift as her birthday is coming... and kiss her. I'm still finding that secret place...

I'm a hopeless romantic.
owlcity01 owlcity01 13-15, M 2 Responses Dec 9, 2012

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You know you will always have regrets if you don't tell her about your feelings, if you want to wait do it but one day you must tell her. The same thing happened to me, he didn't wanted to lose me as a friend , I respected his desicion and we are still friends until now, but may be destiny has a better ending for you two so don't give up on your feelings!! Everything will be ok !


I'll tell her after her birthday, before New Year.

Her birthday is on Christmas <3

It's a great timing ! Best of luck :)) !

Sweet. She is a lucky girl. Just hang in there, she might just be scared, be patient with her and she might eventually lose her fear of the word love, and all it implies.

How long do you think?

We'll be changing schools after 10th grade gets over, in March. Her birthday is on CHRISTMAS.

Well, honestly as long as your patience remains. No one can predict when or if she changes her view. You can be friends out of school as well, cant you?

You might not be making your dream come true this birthday of hers .. but if you have patience to wait, then it might come true another year.

You never know, she might just get a BF there. Happened to me once..

Before this girl I used to like another girl. We too were super super close. Till her father got a transfer and she went away. As soon as she got there she got a BF.

You need to tell her how you feel. At least then you give yourself an equal chance, so if she decides she doesnt want to be with you, its knowing you wanted to be with her.

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