What I Want....

What I want is to be happy with someone who loves me and understands me. I dont think I ask for much, I just want some one to be mine, to have there firsts with me, to not be addictive to drugs, or not have done them at all. To have good morals, not lustful, but loving, to always have each others back, to have a good sense of humor.To head bang with me to rock music and not be afraid to look silly, or to sit with me at dinner and listen to classical music. To love me when im old, to die with me, and spend eternity with me..... but I feel like thats alot to ask for these days,and that its wierd to think like that.....

chris2569 chris2569
22-25, M
4 Responses Dec 10, 2012

How would i go about adding you guys as friends? Sorry, im new...lol, it would be nice to have some friends on here though.

there are many people that are looking for the same things as you are.
Best of luck to you.

Thank you, its awesome to see so many that feel the same, good luck to you as well

Theres just so many people that dont dont see the big picture... its sad. Thank you for your reply, its nice to know some people are like minded.

Not weird. Lovely. :)

Thank you!