A Wonderful Evening...

We stood together in the candlelight, our eyes shining in the flickering of the flame. You were nervous...maybe a little scared; but more than a little excited. I tell you that you look very nice in that black dress. As we are waiting for the waiter to walk us to our table, I whisper “Look baby, all eyes are on you, and they have no idea how you will be screaming with pleasure later tonight" and I nibble on your earlobe, my warm breath brushes against your neck. My hand gently runs the length of your bare arm, causing a wave of goosebumps to rise and then subside. We are guided to a secluded booth.
You feel your flesh begin to flush as I reach down below your skirt to your legs; you are not wearing any pantyhose - my fingers trace down your thigh, to the back of your knee. My hand moves back upward to your skirt’s edge. I brush my fingers along the inside of your thigh once again. I know you are not wearing panties, since I am the one that right before we left in the early evening reached under your skirt and grasping your black lace panties, gently pulled them down, having you step out of each leg. They are still in my jacket pocket where you put them. I looked into your eyes as I was doing this, and I could see the hidden smile trying to come out. I know that when you blush it washes over to other delightful areas of your body. Now, here you sit in that black dress and no panties. Earlier in the theater, you became the aggressive one. Your fingers brushing against my crotch, which after a few motions from you had me raging hard. Now at dinner, while we share a bottle of wine you get lost in my eyes and the look of excitement revealed in my face. I can’t hide it from you.
Our small talk doesn’t really take us anywhere, in fact, neither of us are actually listening to the other about current events. I can only concentrate on the movement of your lips as you speak, and the sound of your sweet voice music in my ears. You smile and know it is because I know what you are thinking. I want you so badly I can hardly contain myself. You are sitting closer now, and I can feel your body heat against mine, and can’t wait to feel skin against skin.
Soon we leave the restaurant. Once back in the car, You snuggled up to me, placing a gentle kiss. I take your face in my hands and tilt your head as our lips met. My tongue danced into your mouth, my other hand running through your hair. This was so delightful, you love being assertive…taking control, but at the same time hungry for me to take the initiative to let you play the submissive. I feel this, so I ran my hand all the way up your skirt, gently pulled your thighs apart, rubbing you with the tips of my fingers. “You are moist.” I whisper and raised a finger with a touch of moisture to my lips.
“ So sweet too" and I licked my fingers clean, then offered my thumb to your lips. You closed your eyes; surrounding it you begin sucking, removing it and replacing with my forefinger, then slid in another finger. You sucked in earnest, and your grin could not be concealed. You knew what made me crazy and loved every second of it. Starting the car we drove out of the parking lot, and before long we were in a residential neighborhood as midnight approached. As I parked in front of one of the dark houses you couldn’t keep your hands off the bulge and was again stroking. “I have many pleasures for you tonight, but I feel one is most urgent now" you said.
I leaned my seat back slightly and took a deep breath. You unzipped my pants and pulled them open to expose my hardness, illuminated by the lights from the dashboard. Hesitating only a second with a soft moan you say. “I want this now.” Taking one last look up into my longing eyes, you grasped the shaft gently with your fingertips and tenderly caressed my balls with the other hand. At first you just let the head slid between your lips as your tongue begin to play with the tip. Then you took it all; alternately sucking the swollen head, and running your tongue all around. Periodically you would make a humming sound in your throat causing me to go crazy with pleasure. You could feel I had the urge to grasp your head and force you down further, but I wouldn't. You had this just as you wanted. Tonight you were not trying to ravish, but to savor. As predicted I didn’t last very long after being primed all evening. My hands rubbed your shoulders. “I am going to ***, better back off, Baby.” was my only warning. You replied “Mmmmmmm hmmmmmph.” and became more eager. I shot, and gasped a deeper breath as I came in bursts so strong that you could feel the blood roaring through my veins. You had a buzz but not from the wine at dinner; but from giving me the ****** you had so wonderfully orchestrated. Slowly I took shallow breaths - a few spasms remained as you continued to gently work me to the finish.
I layed back against the seat feeling confined, heated. “I have been saving up all week for you, and it has been slow torture, but that was well worth it. I can tell you really enjoy teasing me that way.”
I tensed from passing headlights, but then the car sped on by. “Time to go.”. I gently pulled you up from my lap resting your head on my shoulder. You made sure when I looked at you again that you thoughtfully licked your lips. That is all I needed and we moved to the back for more room; and smiling we kissed…”Ready?” is all I said as my hand caressed your thighs, roving up to touch you as only I came to be able; your wetness saturating my fingers with a flow unmatched. Gently with my other hand on your cheek, the kisses continued – deep, strong, full of desire and passion. In turn, you were helpless to my needs, which you knew was your satisfaction and I never any reservations about… I was devoted to you in every way and you knew this. As I parted your thighs, you realized that I had already lifted your dress beyond where you had thought it to be, most likely from the session moments before. You knew what I wanted and had no hesitation of giving all of you – totally, completely, and without question.
As my kisses continued down, my pause at your breasts gave you reason to gasp... the sensation you were feeling was beyond control – You had to let me, no, you wanted me to go where you knew I was heading. Seconds seemed an eternity as I made my way down to my destination; now moist and ready to erupt which you knew I desired. You felt my breath, and opened up without hesitation to my exploring tongue…cherishing all the while that the target I was seeking would be available, and found yourself spreading even further. My tongue, tracing circles around your lips, seemed to be evading before I latched onto your **** in earnest; which gave reason for a moan to escape, followed by a continuous hum that seemed to fill the air. I paused, if only for second, to look at you as if for approval to continue… without hesitation you pulled me in, relishing my pressure on you, through you, as you continued to reach the point of no return.
That being expressed was all I was looking for. Even though we were not in private – at that moment all that mattered to me was your release, and I would have it. Faster, my tongue flicked; deeper my fingers probed inside you, urging you closer, harder, more intense…until you couldn’t hold back – “ For you, Baby” is all you had a chance to say, as your sweet *** flowed forth and I savored every drop greedily. Your release trembled throughout and you felt drained for the moment. Our eyes met in satisfaction as my kisses began to move back up your body; In our minds affirming what we both had stated before… “Anytime, anywhere with you.”

For the moment content; we headed out – knowing that soon our bodies would be entwined and our passion would burn again, even more intense…
Dallen77 Dallen77
46-50, M
Dec 10, 2012