This Is Uncomfortable And Humiliating. Now If They Were To Make It In The Form Of A Suppository...

hahaha, just can't help it...
i want to be cool, chill, quiet, and mysterious but this stupid need to see if a relationship can come out of anything ruins me as it makes me try too hard and just disrupts the flow of goodness that'd be my life if i was everything im not.
i swear, i spend so much time in the friendzone, i've brought in all my furniture, clothes, and have already decorated. it seems like i'll never stop ending up here which is weird but life works in patterns and conditions and this is a big one on this topic:

WHENEVER YOU'RE TAKEN, PEOPLE NOTICE YOU AND YOU DONT CARE BUT THE SECOND YOU'RE SINGLE, YOU'RE INVISIBLE TO THE WORLD AND NO ONE WILL EVER GIVE YOU A CHANCE. its like being a waiter. how are you supposed to get hired as a barista or waiter if every restaraunt you apply at only wants baristas or waiters with experience? if every restaraunt wants that, how are you ever supposed to get experience at all?
matiswest matiswest
18-21, M
Dec 13, 2012