Let The Streets Talk

I'm very young, but i also know way more than i should at this age, i've experienced love, heartbreak, lonesome, etc. i dont always go for the best guys, usually thugs, and people well known, and this hasn't done anything but drawn negative attention and a bad name for myself. People see a vulnerable, lonely young women, with a nice shape and pretty face, and go crazy. I get all the attention, there isn't a guy in my area who hasn't tried to get with me. But where i have messed up at is, is that i give them attention back. Not proud of certain things i've done. My ex called me today and told me the streets were talkin, i explained myself, but he told me to tell the streets that. I admit it, i've had ho tendencies, and i've made mistakes, but i am also a Hopeless Romantic and i just want love, so i try to keep my options open. but im changing my ways, so i told him to let the streets talk, i fall easy but i am changing a lot of my ways !! <3 =
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1 Response Dec 14, 2012

You can always smile and respond ...not further than that unless you want after the streets that the neighborhood starts talking ......