Steamy Night... Part One

Eathan was coming down to drop off some new contracts. Mia had
been staying at her father's seaside cottage now for about about two
weeks, since Kaden has broken it off with her. She still felt somewhat
ambivalent about what had transpired, questioning if what she had
done was the right course of action. She always came to the sea
cottage when she needed to find some clarity. Her cat Angel
meandered around the large bay windows as Mia had her second
cup of raspberry tea with a hint of cream in it, which went nicely with
the cream scones that the young college student Bucky had
delivered night before last.

That young buck was always checking her breast out, along with the
locals. The locals were just down to earth people that she didn't have
to put on any ears for, or dress to hide those 44DD's. Mia was not so
average as these local kind souls perceived her to be. Mia had
graduated from Princeton with her masters in finance, and went to
work at her father's offshore banking firm immediately after graduation.
She hit the office floor on her first day with a tight teal skirt that reached
just slightly above the knee, and a teal cashmere sweater which fit her
snugly exposing her ample breast. Did she care if her father's partners
wagged their tongues like a bunch of horn dogs, that was a definite
and unequivocal no.

Mia's father had many businesses in the Cayman Islands, which is
her native country by birth before moving to the states with her father.
Her father had come to launch his international diversification, and
commodity firm in New York. Mia was a natural from day one in the
office. Within her first month she negotiated and obtained a contract
with a very prominent man about town who was the owner of the
New Yorker. It was suppose to be just a casual meeting, but it
was there that she saw Eathan, an old flame that had never really
died, but was forced to simmer since they both had their families
priorities to take care of.

She was running late in taking her shower, but she knew that her
father had given Eathan an extra key last week per adventure she
wouldn't be there. She hopped into the nice warm shower, and
shaved her legs first and then her kitty, a must do. Grabbing a
hand full of creamy shampoo she started washing her hair,
and didn't hear the the door bell ring or Eathan let himself in.

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Great story, hope to read part two soon!

Thank you...

interesting story.
need part 2 soon please.

Thank you, I'm trying to express myself freely....

do me a favor please and write part 2 as soon as you can.

As I am inspired too...

Nice one, hope to read part 2 soon.

I dare try Sir.....