Loving Ghosts And Letting Go

Before you love me be mindful of what it is you love in me. The light in me is the radiance of a man spreading his wings to leave the world. If you love the light then let it go because if you chain your heart to it then your heart becomes a chain I must break. I will not regret breaking your heart, if I feel it needs to grow. Take comfort, my pruning is for your growth. The god of love has always been the god of death, can you see now?

If you think you can love a ghost, then you may approach me. Indeed, your whole life has been a pilgrimage to bring you before me and we will meet a thousand times throughout the millenia of mankind's prudent folly. I have loved you all along, yet you do not see me. I am the breath you breathe and the light filtering through the waves in your hair. I am the call of the sea to return you to your home. But can you find your home in me? Can you let go enough to see?

Phaethon Phaethon
31-35, M
1 Response Jan 6, 2013

Very unique and wonderful.