Until You Decide

Hey girl.
I know you have feelings for me
U know i have feelings for you
You are too afraid i know
You are not sure as we grow
Everything is to and fro
The odds are too much i know
The times are testy
The feelings are hasted
The questions in abundance
The doubts pasted
We're both inexperienced
We're both are ripe
We're both immature
We're both high
Our feelings are pure
Our affections are overwhelming
You and me me and you
It's not sure it's not calming
But don't u worry girl
U got all the time to decide
U got all the tosses on your side
I m gonna love and wait ,love and wait.love and wait
Until you want no more pros
Until you proudly call me yours
For patience is my trait
Freedom is my choice
Silent adoration is my name
And yes...hmm
Love and me
You and me
We're the same
We're the same.
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Jan 8, 2013