Can Never Be Gotten Over...

Happy and content she was
Living in her little bubble
The same routine everyday
Dedicated and concerned for her career did she stay
Enjoying every bit of it
She did not know that there was world beyond her books and classes
Everything was just so simple and straight and obvious
Fair share of loneliness though she had
But so unaffected she was
Carrying on in her own way
Just taking everything in her stride
Contented she was
For no extra wishes she had
The seemingly happy life was designed for her
They met
Her world changed and altered and rocked
He was a gush of fresh air
A gypsy cloud
An untamed attitude
He charmed her, unknowingly though
His clumsiness complemented her carefulness
His ignorance met her
His mad bravery kissed her caution
His brashness melted into her elegance
He was the unpredictability of the night
Meant to greet the morning hope that she was
They melted into one another
Their souls intermingled
Their imperfections fit perfectly
They completed each other
They became one
The life came in between
Circumstances changed
Faiths dispersed
Feelings distraught
Hearts broken
Beliefs withered
Total devastation
Oh..but oh….
Love stayed…..
The years rolled on
The lives went by
There she was sittin at the window in her dark empty lonely house
She was staring out
Her eyes were sure open but her mind shut
She saw him
Oh …it was indeed him!!!!
Without blinking an eye she ran down to the street
Yes oh yes..
My goodness it is him!!!!!!
She came running to him
Perhaps a bit too excited than life would allow
She tripped and fell on his knees
He didn let her touch the ground though
He picked her uop and brushed aside those strands of angelic golden hair
To see that she was her
She was his her
Neither spoke a word
The tears did the job
I couldn see any more of them
Coz they just then disappeared in that morning fog………

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1 Response Jan 9, 2013

A wonderful display to slowly read and watch with minds eye

In my opinion one of your best