Dorment Passion

I feel all these longings
I feel it inside
I want to grabbed,
Taken by surprise
Wrap your arms around me
Tell me I'm yours
And that you're mine

I am trapped
I am withheld
In a relationship
That lacks Romance at all
So what is the point
Why am I with him?
He takes me for granted, pushes my limits

Now I'm left here
Just trying to get out
I'm going to break free
No more supressing all the romances inside of me
I will kiss and hug
Wrap my arms about your neck
And my heart will melt when you place your hands about my hips

I'm not going to have to wish
I'm not going to long for it anymore
He's going to want to fulfill romancing me
With his own in mind
With what he feels, Not with arrogence or ownership
No conditions, or loop holes
He'll want persue me in every way

When I get out
It'll be worth the wait
There is already a man
Just to be with me
And Romance me thouroughly

thepinklioness thepinklioness
18-21, F
1 Response Jan 10, 2013

i hope you ended up getting out of your lack luster relationship. it's not worth staying in, if you're dreaming of more...

I didn't sadly. I'm going to try to push it.

If you say yolo i'm going to die . Lol

that's a good thing. YOLO is an embarrassing acronym that stands for, 'you only live once.' hideously overused and hugely unoriginal.