Nothin But Everythin

love starts with you

It is for you

it ends on you
will hold the rain
And give blue skies to you
will take your worries
And give my happiness to you
want to keep you
In the depths of my heart
Gimme your hands babe
want to remove the doubts from those lines
You make my heart beat
You make it skip beats
You give me all the passion,color and heat
Being with you has been way more than just a treat
You are a sight for my sore eyes
My already dead emotions
My beyond repair wounds
My impassionate words
My incomplete feelings
My broken soul
These imperfections want to combine
They want to live
Live once again
To make you live
I want to pour my emotions into your soul
I want to give you the happiness you have been dreaming of
Livin my life for you
Just to die at your feet
That will make my journey meaningful and complete
Yes u hurt me
Hurt me more than I could bear
Later on made me realize how much you matter
Now taking the hurt on heart
Got nothing to do with light
Got nothing to achieve
Got nothing to ask
You ….
The hunger gone
The satisfying salvation.
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Jan 15, 2013