Fudgin Killin Me

You are not here and it's killing me
M doin my best to keep my mind off of you
But my heart is constantly and consistently overpowering my mind
Everything just seems so damn dead
There is a clear and loud sobbing goin on inside that poor heart of mine
Even breathing seems to take effort
My eyes are just too disinterested to look at anythin or anybody for that matter
I am only thinkin about you
life suddenly seems so fudgin difficult(sorry for usin the f word ,,i know u don like it  but i just so fudgin god dammned depressed)
.The promises that i made to myself now seem outta my reach
Some how i still find a way to appreciate the situation
For it just is a symbol of how bad i want you
But it's strange huh?
coz everytime that u r with me
i unknowingly start to ignore you just to show that there are other things too that are important to me ,,it's not just you
That tells me how much insecure i m from the inside
.OK baby..u know it now..so please don't do anything to make me feel jealous  or angry
coz i care for you a fudgin lot
Now you know how bad i want you
.How bad i wanna be with you
Until we meet the next time
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Lots of kisses and hugs and unbounded love for my baby.....

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Jan 16, 2013