For Me

can u just please hold me tonight
i am too broken
so dont ask me why
can you just be there for me
no grand gestures required
can u just let me love you
as our life passes by
can we just not think of tomorrow
scared of it i am
scared that u wont be there
cause they all say
nothing is ever meant to last
glasses are broken
and so are the hearts
so will u just hold me in your arms
as we count the night sky
cause only in your arms i feel safe
i feel space
only when i attach myself to u
is then when i feel free
so as i am about to fall asleep
will u please follow me to my dreams
i am so lost today
will you please hear my thoughts
and walk me back to the right path
we been away for so long
so will you just let me look at you
and remember everything that my mind forgot
but my heart remembered
will you dance with me and never forget
will you laugh and cry with me
and just be you around me
for me will you let us be your forever.......
thedreamingriver thedreamingriver
18-21, F
Jan 17, 2013