Their World

i wanna be lost
lost in a world where its only me n you
we have our love for each other
and nothin else we need
you live for me and i for you
we do as we please
we're the king and queen of our world
the world that is full of unrestrained love
our affection for each other just crosses new boundaries each day
you get more beautiful each day
i get more lovable and even more so to stay
we stay we lay we pray in peace
My world starts with you
your world ends with me
We got nothin to do with this rude world
Girl i got your back
Their souls merge into one another
They become one
Too strong to be separated by this world
Coz even the creator makes way for them...... 
Their breathe and radiate each other's scents
Lovin each other has become a habit,a necessity , a requirement for survival
Surreal,scenic,insane,illusionary,unattainable and non-expressible is their world....

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Jan 18, 2013