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The History Of 'J' Clan : An Enchanted Circuit

We all have families and each family's story is nothing less than Great.
I don’t know why mine should be different in terms that should be told publicly. 

Maybe because I think that it is just - different.
Everything is related with my Grandfather. He was the corner stone of all that I wanted to be. However, in my early childhood, I was raised by my grandmother.

The full name of my grandfather is John Ostewich. He was all Polish, Pure Polish and nothing less than Polish. Nevertheless, when I had a chance to become friends with Avas Tarasimowich, he told me that the roots of my name came from Tatar family and Genghis Khan. Avas was a leader of Tatar in Poland who took care about local mosque in my city - Gdansk. It always sounded funny to me but still that is precisely what he said.

John Ostewich was a very well educated, well-respected and extremely talented man. The degree of his knowledge can be expressed in the fact that he spoke 6 languages fluently - His native Polish, Greek, Latin, Russian, French, English plus he knew some Esperanto.

The only person with whom I can compare my grandfather in respect to knowledge and spirit was John Paul II who spoke fluently in 11 languages. My grandfather was a prototype of Polish Pope, long before Karol Wojtyla became the successor of Peter in Vatican. Grandpa studied in the University of Stefan Batory, which was located in Vilnius. It is the oldest university in the Baltic states and one of the oldest in Eastern Europe. It is the largest University in Lithuania. During the time of his study, Vilnius was a part of Poland.

John Ostewich was born in USA. Precisely, New Britain - Connecticut. In the end of XIX century, the father of my grandfather left Poland and arrived in America, looking for a better life. Around 1887, he originated a soap factory in New Britain. Life was good. John was born in a loving and very healthy family. As far as I know, life of my clan, before the events which I shall mention later was almost perfect and harmonious.

Grandpa - a bright and brilliant man, decided to offer his life to God and become a Priest. His family was Christian Catholic since generations. He was sent to Poland to study which was best known to my clan: The University of Stefan Batory in Vilnius and next he was on the verge of becoming a Priest.

It was just 2 months before the final blessings of my grandfather becoming a full Priest. He and his friends decided to enjoy the last party before taking vows of full celibacy. They went to a very exclusive night club with live music and entertainment. The speciality of this place was so called ~ Fore Dancers. I could not find the meaning for the word 'Fore Dancers' but as I was explained, they were highly educated ladies who gave company to guests. Not prostitute or geisha - nothing of the sort, just eloquent conversation, dance, lighting the men’s cigars (my grandfather never smoked) and things like that.

One of the Fore Dancers in this place was my grandmother. Around 9 months since this night, my first uncle was born, and path of my grandfather as a Priest was totally abandoned. 

I still keep thinking that the curse on my clan, which, from time to time, caused huge distractions in my family, can serve to be a balm on his broken vows and promises to God. The love was achieved and consumed, and the Paradise was lost forever.

I heard from several members of my family that my grandmother was Jewish but she converted to Christianity due to my grandfather. Certainly, none other than my father would be sure about that. However, as far as I know and experienced, she was totally a Christian Catholic. Nevertheless, I am sure that she knew the art of Magic. The manner in how  she cooked, with big pots on the stove, adding and mixing things, and talking to herself all the time, would leave you with no doubts that she is reaching the spirits. To add to it, she had all this notion of folk superstitions. Like, you should never put loaf of a bread upside down, which can cause an argument in the family. Or, you should never shake hands with someone in a door frame, as it could bring bad luck. Also, when she saw cats washing themselves or licking a lot, she used to say, “Well, guests are on the way.”And she was right most of the time. She had spread all kinds of signs, all over the house and attached to the windows or door frames as well. When I asked her once about them, she responded that it is for good luck and protection. 

Life with grandma was all about the life of the huge garden we had. We took care of our little Paradise. Our life was changing, as life of our garden was changing through the year. Basically the idea was 'To make the garden so as to bore the most enjoyable fruits and keep them ready and handy through the winter.' 

Fall was always busy - extremely busy. Jams, gelatos, jelly, fruit compotes in jars, fresh fruits stock used to be there all over the cellar. All had to be prepared for the cold times. Plus, what was extra was sold at the local market.

 She always wanted me to remember that I am very precious and unique, and that one day, I will surprise the world. She taught me that the most important thing which should never be forgotten in life is God, Honour and Fatherland. She never used any violence but she talked. When she wanted something to be done and when you had different ideas about your time - she talked.  Over and over again, repeatedly bringing forth all your mistakes and failures, it was a 24/7 torture. She used to convert all your problems into stories and talked to herself and you had to witness that. That was a very powerful a method and after awhile you was left with no choice but just to do as she wanted. She dominated household totally - inside, outside and all around. 

Uh !!! Her stories were killers. She smoked a pack of cigarettes per day and lived into her 80s, which shouldn’t encourage you at all. 

My grandfather soon found out that his first son is not his at all. It didn’t change his feelings much. He accepted him totally and raised the child like his own. My first uncle - Uncle Jerry, passed away just 2 months ago. He left his family in a deep sorrow and with the best memories of him.

The Influence of my grandfather on me was his constant presence and being in peace.  He used to be sitting on a bench in the garden under the shade of a huge cherry tree and I'd suppose was meditating. He had a strong, healthy framework of his mind, like a schedule.
Wake up at 6 in the morning.
Wash himself and get ready for the day.
Put the fire in all the furnaces around the house during winter and always in the kitchen.
Have his breakfast.
Some work around the house and rest.

I still remember the cold winter mornings in bed and the heat which he made by burning the wood and coal in the room furnace. It was an extremely pleasant experience.

He didn’t talk much to me but he adored all my help. He was always saying, “Good. Good. Very good.” An, I would readily die to hear that. 

Only one time he called me to his cabinet, sat in front of his desk, and let me wait until he finished his writings. He always used a pen. Then he came to me, put his hand under my chin, and said in English, “boy”. After that he asked me to repeat. Next, we were repeating the word “boy” till the point when I sounded exactly like him. He went over in the same way with the word "girl".

“That should be good,” he said in the end.
“Listen.” he added.
“There are 3 stories to tell which you should know and remember forever.” 

And he started.

“When I was travelling on a ship from America to study in Poland, a huge storm unleashed. We were certain that this was the end and it was just a matter of time before we would die. We were already sitting in the life boats wearing life jackets and waiting to be landed into the water. It would not change much, there were no chances. I prayed at that time and promised the Lord that if it is His Will that I survive, I will sacrifice all my life into his service. Suddenly, the storm all cleared out and we were saved.

Remember always ~ When you borrow you have to return.

I was very young and once...”, he continued. "I was invited by friends. They played cards and gambled, I didn’t want to play, I am not a good player, and I never played. But somehow the prospect of winning took me in. I played with them and started winning. I was very excited. As we played the stake of money was becoming bigger and bigger. I was completely overwhelmed. Soon, I was taking much bigger risks and was winning. Suddenly, I got a very strong card and was sure that I would win. So, I put all what I had on me, plus my house and everything – and I lost. After that, I never played or gambled again.

Remember ~ Never play or gamble, even with friends. Nobody will play with you if you have nothing to lose.”

“Yeah,” he stood up from his chair and walked towards the window. Looking at the garden he said,

"There is the city out there whose buildings are reaching the sky. They call this city as New York. You have to go there one day and see that.”

This was my grandfather. When he died, the local Parson during the mass said before we put him into the grave,

“John Ostewich was a Director of our high school and the person who established the whole education system in our region after the Second World War. During the war, he was selflessly helping others, hiding them and saving them from the clutches of the invaders. When he received the highest medal for his courage and dedication, he said, ‘I didn’t do much. I didn’t wear any weapon. I don’t know how to use them.’ 

"Mr. Ostewich, You fought with your wisdom and pen that is much better than many others who used guns. You educated and showed hundreds of students the righteous path. They are holding now many important positions in our society and all over the world and they are your best legacy." 

“In the end”, the Parson continued, "John Ostewich was my beloved Principal. I remember once, the book with our class marks was stolen and next was found burned. All accusations were thrown on me, but I did not do it. Scared, lost, and in despair, with my heart in my throat, I was taken to the Director's room to talk with Mr. Ostewich.

He had looked at me for some time and had asked,

“Did you do it?”
I said, “I swear upon God I did not do it, Mr. Director.”
Then he said, “You can go. Nothing will happen to you. I believe you. There is goodness in you.”

In conclusion, the Parson told us, “John Ostewich was a pedagogue, who with every one of His steps followed the rule - If you wish to teach Math to Jim, You have to not only know Math but you have to know Jim as well.”

My family mainly consists of doctors, teachers, artists and managers. The Father of my father was a teacher. Because he was teaching the Polish language, he was sent to Siberia in Russia. My father spent 5 years there from the age of 5 onwards till 10. Dad told me once that it was a beautiful place - very pure, natural and pristine but hard to live in. During winter, his mother used to be pulling him over snow in a woollen bag which used to be used to keep potatoes in for 15 k in minus 40 degree C temperature to get some milk and food. He never came back from this place. He always keeps some food stock in his home, just in case of need. He tries to save everything, just to keep it, just to have it handy for bad days. His mind is still in the frozen lands of Siberia.

My father met my mother by accident in Wroclaw, one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Poland. He was a student at that time, an athlete, swimmer and a champion. He was on the way to become a building engineer, she was learning to become a dental technician. During this particular day, she was hanging laundry on the balcony in her campus and one of her scarf’s was blown by the wind and fell down under my father's foot. He returned the scarf and they fell in love at the first sight.

In the spectrum of my family, you can find everything. My brother’s girlfriend has a sister and she married a guy who is from Turkey. He is Muslim and a great guy. He is a cop in the Toronto police force. Unfortunately, my brother and his fiancée due to certain jealousy issues split and their marriage did not materialize. Perhaps Curse again.

My clan was touched many times with several problems and challenges but we are overcoming them all. Grandma had always a talent to do business. After the war and repatriation, she opened a bakery in a new place and business did very well. We were busy and making good money. We had a big house and amazing garden. We were on top and all was going great. One day, one of our servants took all what we had collected and kept at home and disappeared. All money, family jewellery were gone in a snap of the finger. We had to start all over again. We valued money and its power tremendously but through the years we learnt and understood that they are petty papers.

I wrote this as I promised and as I was asked. Something real and not fantasy. It is real as much as it can be. Names were a bit changed for privacy protection of people involved. I hope I won’t be judged harshly for who I am. 

I am a fruit of my clan ~ of my family.


My mother - Danuta.
She looks like Elisabeth Taylor to me.
I am sure she is in heaven now.
All the best mom.
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After reading about Pit, I wondered, what other stories does this man have?
This is beautiful.
I had to laugh when I read about Grandpa's second rule on no gambling when I asked you if you were a gambler. And I had to go back and re-read your reply to my question.

so thought provoking. There are so many similar threads of our few conversations and what you have written.

You are so talented.

I am very that we have so in common.
Very touched and happy.
I am glad that we meet.
It is going to be fantastic adventure Spirit of the Land.

wow amazing and inspiring

Thank you.
I am sure all will be good.
It will be much more ability to move around and make some choices.
However home is always home at some point we have to make up our mind - do I want to be myself or be around people I love. I chose freedom of expression, my soul is homeless but I believe I life in the best now country on this planet. Listen to Canadians they have everything. Almost the biggest land and all kind of resources. They are independent and they don't need anything that is way when they give they give for sure.

you are welcome , but i am who should say thank you .

I was born in Poland but I am Canadian now.
Here we don't give too much and too often but we do that all the time freely. It is spontaneous and not directed on anything beside giving. It has only one reason behind we feel very good when we give.

Beautifully written! You kept my attention and I can tell you, NOTHING holds my attention for long!
Every clan has it's curse, I believe.

Than you so much.
I hope that I can have more of your attention if not all.
Yes I agree with the curse but it is just way of thinking when something happen. Not much can be done about that then nothing to be worry about it. Let is be.

"Not prostitute or geisha - nothing of the sort" with all due respect I believe these words don't fit to your wonderful story. Everything else is flawless, well narrated, keeps the reader interested curious to go on. It tickles the mind with quotes, lighten hearts with smiles, the image of a powerful full of wit grandma comes alive. A grandfather anybody could fall inlove with. Loved the story of your parents first meet, how very romantic! What a beautiful mother! ..At this point I cannot understand what makes you say the family to have a curse, you seem to do quite fine, please try to blow that away from your mind. Why people could judge you is also over my head. Thank you for sharing your story, a great pleasure to read.

You are right. I just wanted make sure that nobody will get any wrong ideas. However I am aware that writing that can have very bad connotations. When I heard that first time I have a bit mix feelings next I learnt more and I wished that all will understand full meaning of Fore Dancer.

I have some other thoughts on the side:

I know very well or in some way as much as I can know growing in different culture difference between prostitute and geisha. However in both cases - prostitute and geisha we have sexual aspect involve. Am I right ? In case of Fore Dancer there no sexuality at all. Zero. Null.

Plus in Buddhism prostitutes are highly regarded. Many times they are seen as Goddesses or holy for their selfless offering of body. I would imagine how difficult or almost impossible for me would be offering my body for somebody who I don't love. I just could not do it and they do a few times per day. Amazing!!!.

There is other part to it that I can fall in love in almost in half an hour but that is a different story. You have to know as well that it can be many levels of love here. I can say I love you today knowing you very shortly but when I will tell you the same after one week it will be still the same love but deeper and stronger and more mature. That is me I understand that It can be difficult to understand.

The love part it is about attraction of course but it is much more then that. If after half hour of knowing you I can tell you I love you I am ready to do almost everything for you I would not kill and stuff like that but other then that I am able to do it and I care about you. It is much more then feeling attraction and thinking - ooo she is so gorgeous! I would love to have her and have sex with here and notion in this direction.

Many prostitutes became enlightened because of their egolessness.

In case of curse I have written short of my life story. I will post it in the end of the week. Maybe knowing that you will understand more. I can add more of my understanding on that believe as well next.

About judgment. You should grow up in Poland. You would understand that this feeling of being judge came form my homeland. Judge and being accepted or rejected because of my roots. Happily I am in Canada now but it is a lot of Polish here than I can still carry the sentiment even when I am on line.

I would love if you would tell me all what you know and understand about geisha. I understand that you are Asian and form Japan. I am sure that have your inside about this topic could be amazing!!!

As well I would love to discuss with you submissive and dominant world issues very much so popular here and in western universe these days. I believe that you culture is the most suited to speak about it. I am sure that sharing your wisdom on that it can be compassionate and great lesson for others.

Thank you kindly for your comment.

Whow! What an answer, thank you! For sure you are not only a writer but you seem to have a heart overflowing with feelings. How lovely!
The words I nagged about, felt as wouldn't fit only because were given a chance to people to guess you are judging the geisha or the prostitute. The level of your write is high, it can make it perfectly beautiful without judging. It could be simply said "no sexual aspect involved". I only live in Japan for many years, am not Japanese, my hat off to you, for your knowledge is way wider than mine. The talk about love,was very interesting and nice yet you seem to put a great emphasis on the skinship on the sexual part of it. I guess and hope enlightment is when you go beyond it.
The true love offer maybe should come natural without choice without judge without expectations. A mere example: Could we love a chair simply for being there under our eyes? For offering us a place to sit? I am not exchanging any sexual pleasure with the chair yet I feel a bond to its roots and I am thankful for everybody and every event that brought this chair to me. Such may be the love I feel for each being and each thing. I am not trying to teach anything sorry. It is for each of us to widen the opening of our hearts. I still crave for the learning how not to fear of being hurt or judged . But until I don't get rid of it inside my heart I feel is still a long way...Thank you, I appreciate each of your words, may I offer back a humble love and smiles .

I thought that using terms - prostitute or geisha in that context would mean no sexual aspect. These two ways are valid and naturally can be exchange. I made my choice and I feel good about it. I explain here as well way I did that.

That is very interesting that you are coming now with chair analogy in context to love. I would love to believe that all is done by love it is much easier to deal with situation when chair is not there anymore. Whatever we teach we teach ourselves the most because when we really teach we have to believe that this is true and this way we make the truth stronger. It is very good analogy to thanks all who brought the chair and be thankful for their kindness. I am thankful.

Yes I talked about love and attraction. Enlightenment is about compassion not love I believe.

True love should come with all this elements which you mention and even more but who really can display such a love fully.

I ma not afraid to much about being hurt or judge I believe my intentions are pure and good but only me can know that for sure. However based on that understanding I am sure that results will be good. Then if there is the pain on the way it is for good.

Learning never stops and this is good part for sure.

I am offering you even more I am offering my unconditional love as much as I can understand that.

Thank you for your time kind words and your interest in me.

Deep bow for your kind soul! Oh there's no need for thanks you already filled a corner of my heart with a thousand and created space for other more! Trully joyed the effortless flow of a thoughtful hand, you've done a finest write, It is me the one to endless whisper : Thank You!

There is no you without me. There is no me without you.

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Thank you very much.

Delightful sharing. Very interesting and enjoyable

You are so classy. Wow. Great.
Thank you so much.

this made me smile. Yes, these stories are precious. And my family has a dramatic story too, and the Curse too, a lot came rushing back while I read your story! A lot of family history my mom and dad have told me in parts during these 19 years of my, WOW.

Than you for your comment.
I am glad that you understand.

This was a pleasure to read. My grandfather always told me stories about my ancestors, I wish I would have wrote more of it down to remember. Reading your story makes me realize how different each person can be when it comes to history and how they grew up and lived different paths. Thank you for sharing :)

I am always happy to please by my writing and I am please when I can do that. A lot.
The wisdom of your ancestors is in you. I hope and I am sure you can write about that and share with others. There is so much good in it. If not there wisdom we won't be here. It is good and it works because we are here and it is great thing to share.

Thank you for your comment.

Great story of your family! So many don't know much of their family history so you are lucky to know all of this. Thank you for sharing.

My pleasure and thank you.

This is Simply Beautiful. Thank You for sharing. Ir is because of Family like yours & You that we learn of the beautiful hings and slso life that the Creator bestows upon us. Thank You again.*** Hugs, LW

Thank you so much.
You are very kind.
Thank you very much.
Love. Peter

Thank you, I love your story, so detailed and its wonderful that you got to lived with each one. I love the picture. Great tribute to your family. Can't wait to read more of your stories.

I love to share.
I do that with pleasure.
Especially about my family. It is great pleasure.
I am happy as well to meet you on the path.
Thank you.

You are so lucky to know your families history....wonderfuly written.

Thanks. Yea - thank you very much.

That was a beautiful story. I love that you know so much about the history of your family. My favorite line was the one used at your grandfather's funeral by the pastor. "If you wish to teach Math to Jim, You have to not only know Math but you have to know Jim as well.” That so expresses what real teachers are.

I enjoyed the picture of your mother. I think she was so beautiful. Thank you for your writings.

Than you for your wisdom. Thank you for your beauty.
Thank you for all of you and being friends.

that was such a joyride :) thank you for sharing your wonderful family story with all of us :) a family will always be a family :) for sure your dear mom is so proud of you :) Do what you love to do :) and it seems like you love writing :) Never let anyone take it away from you ... :)

Very thoughtful.
Thank you for your beautiful comment.
I hope I can write to the end of my days.

What a nice tribute to your family...reading this was a bit like going on an adventure...thank you for sharing!

Life is adventure.
I am glad that we can live through it together as friends.
My pleasure.

very rich with detail. impressive very good.

Thank you very much.
At least I am rich now.


Wonderfully well written. You have an amazing family, and a lovely attitude toward them. Thank you for sharing

Thank you. It was very warm and pleasant experience to read your comment.
In Poland we have saying that family looks the best on the picture.
However I have no doubt about strength of my family.
My pleasure.

I think you have naughty genetic inherit from your grandfather and grandmother. Your grandad was a priest and went to night club. Your grandmother had pregnant before married. Wow... this was very naughty. But your grandmother was a strong woman. She could struggle with the snow in minus 40. If i were your grandmother I would have died. They were going well together. 

It was funny story about your mom and dad.I think they were going well together.  This true story is weird and really entertainment me.

Thank you so much for your comment.
I am glad that you like it.

Well done. Your words express the deep love, respect, gratitude and story you carry for your family. I truly believe we all need to hear these kind of keep us all connected. Thank you.

Wow. That sounds great for sure.

I came to admire and like your family :0) touching

Family, family, family. There is nothing better than family.
Thank you

Well, what can I say but "A job well done!'. As expected, you precisely wrote your clan's history and very interesting... Keep it up!

I am sure I wrote this way.
I will.

Peter you come from a rich culture and a rich family life. I see some of myself in these paragraphs and realize that we are not so different after all.:) Thanks for sharing this part of you and your family. Your Mom is beautiful by the way. Lots of love is in this story and shows in many ways. You have a lot to be proud of and I'm proud to call you my dear friend. Love and hugs to you! God Bless! Martha

Thank you Martha.
I am glad that you see always beauty in world around you.
Love always kept us together and moved forward.
Thank you for love. My love back to you.
Thanks for kind words about my mom.
God will be with you and your close once.

I love history and enjoyed your story so much. You must not believe there was or is a curse on your people! You come from a clan of great people! I wish I had knowledge of my ancesters'lives...the details are so precious.Your story made my day, and I look forward to more from you. Thank you!

Thank you. Thank you and thank you.
Please do read more and I will do everything to make your days bright.

What a loving ,thoughtful post.

Thank you so much.

I agree with blonde2521...extraordinary story.

Thank you.

P.S your mother's picture is BEAUTIFUL

Thanks for that.

what a wonderful story, i felt like i was sitting on a chair watching most of it happen and could nearly smell your gradmamas cooking..... absolutely loved it

Wow - sounds great.
Thank you.

Such an amazing story. And you told it wonderfully. Your mother is beautiful by the way!!! ^_^ Thanks for sharing.

Thank you very much.
In the name of my mother.

Superb and thanks for the share!

My pleasure.
Long live India!

AH! I loved your family story,it's amazing how little turns in life can change our direction for ever;how your grandfather meet your grandmother.Even though your grandfather didn't end up being a priest,he still worked for god.God obviously had other planes for him,where he knew he would be better suited.When a person becomes that close to our father,there is no mistakes in direction of our life's. I enjoyed it very much,it's your nicest words yet.

Thank you.
I will try to be even better with my words if you don't mind.
I hope you are doing well.
Thank you so much for your support.