I Miss..

The butterflies I get when someone special slides their hand into mine, fingers entwining caressing, just that simple little touch, the electricity, heart racing, mouth dry, praying your palms don't get sweaty.
Then resting my head on a shoulder that makes me feel safe and secure, feeling an arm wrap around me, nuzzling my head into his neck kissing, biting, sucking, until his head tips downwards, lips meet lips softly at first then more intensely..
Even when I've learnt every inch of him, every little line on his hand, every freckle I still get the butterflies.
Snuggling up under the stars somewhere, nothing needs to be said or done, just a hand touching a hand, maybe my head resting on his chest.
I miss feeling that close to someone.

TheBlimey TheBlimey
18-21, F
7 Responses Sep 13, 2008

So nicely written Blimey. You gave me goose bumps and a shiver ran down my back. Although I feel the same way you do and have been called a "Hopeless Romantic" I prefer to think of myself as a "Hopeful Romantic".

You know you do too. :)

What you described is the greatest feeling in the world and i also miss it. I hate women and love them at the same time, because nothing can make me feel better but nothing can make me feel worse.

I like what you wrote. I remember trying to remember freckles. I'm hopelessly romantic too.

Ditto...like it never gets old..There are never enough ways to say I love you, there are never enough kisses..."always one more"....*sighs*...That wake up, during the day, cant wait to get home, make love all night with just a look or a touch-kind of love....

You make it sound so good. Thanks!

I too am a hopeless romantic. And I too miss it a great deal. of course my hubs is really the romantic one. makes sure my brakes work and the curtain rods are even. yep...romance. <br />
but the picture you paint is what i really miss.