Being hopelessly romantic is full of dissapointment.  I am so hopelessly romantic that I don't want to have to tell someone that I am hopelessly romantic, he should just know, and they never do, and they are never as hopelessly romantic as I am, so I am always dissapointed with my relationships.  It makes it quite hard to meet the man of my dreams, because he doesn't exist outside of my imagination
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Ooooh i feel the same way.

I guess thats the problem with us hopeless romantics...there seems to never be any hope for the romance.

I consider myself very romantic and feel bad for the ladies that can find what they want. It could be the type of guys your attracted to. Try a guy that might not be your type or maybe not a guy that is hot to you but has other quality you find interesting. Consider this an experiment and it might be fun!

I know the feeling, I would love to meet a man who had a real romantic side about him! That's hard to find these days!

thats so true but i think everyone knows that mostly only woman are hopelessy romantic i do romantic thins for my man and say romantic things to and when he want to have sex with me there is never romance it's just lets have sex and i say no cuz thats just not how you try to have your gf of one year to have intercourse with you. wow kinda go off topic but still close to the objective lol

Well, I find that ONE is plenty!

Ha ha. :)

I've been married three times and one at a time PLEASE!



i'll take 3 Radiant!

Hurray and Varoom with kudos and brownie buttons for TardyDodo and Blackcat!! May I add this personal experience?

Touches that are loving but not necessarily sexual, light kisses on the cheek, forehead, lips, and hands, also loving eye contact, excellent smiles and self confidence, that is not bloated or faked, do a lot to bring the romantic out of a man.

Throw in a few choice words that sincerely highlight what you like about him.

Men need ENCOURAGEMENT just as much as you do.

Comments about your favorite colors, food, time of year, holidays and entertainment that are dropped here and there when the subject fits, will give him clues how to please you when he wants to be romantic.

You be certain to ask about his favorite AND do little things for him along the lines that he has shared with you.

Have mini discussions now and then about things that you have not done but would like to do and verbalize the fact that you will go do some things with him that are not your most favorite things to do, JUST TO BE WITH HIM AND SUPPORT HIM. He'll get the idea that he should do the same for you. BUT PLEASE do not drag him around shopping or take him to a baby shower!!!

When he has done something wonderful, it is not the time to complain about the imperfect timing, or the lack of attention to a small detail, or the price, and etc. etc.

Honey, take the GESTER as PERFECT!!! Afterall, it is his HEART that he is presenting and it is perfect. GET IT?

After a few failures, I figured it out, AND I learned that men ALWAYS need to be shown what you like.

When you show them love, kindness, affection, humor and thankfulness, and once they are confident that you like something, they can't wait to make you happy.

You do not come with an insturction book and human kind does not posses clear telepathy!!

Be the romantic example, and you will find your romantic man.

Examples of things that EVERY MAN in my life learned to do:

Roses on Valentines Day.

Outdoor activities, especially Botanical Gardens or a weekend at the ocean, or in the Mountains for my birthday.

A Great meal, some mutually adored entertainment and a lovely place for intimacy on our anniversary.

Back or foot massages.

Baked bread weekly.

Lit candles arranged in areas such as our table, a romp in the jacuzzi, or time in our bedroom.

Do his own laundry and lunches.

Assist with evening meal several times a week.

Keep his areas clean.

Assist with chores and take turns.

Help me carry heavy things out of the car.

Buy little things that I need or like (usually books and music CDs).

Bring home a gourmet meal or save half of his gourmet lunch and bring it home to me.

Cut flowers in little vases at my bedtable, in the bathroom and on the kitchen table.

A few pieces of my favorite Sees Chocolates found here and there.

Occassional fine jewlry and often fashion jewlry.

He assists in home decorating with ideas or finances.

Verbal expressions of what he adores or finds facinating about me.

Touches and kisses throughout the day.

Listens when there are times I want to test ideas.

Most of all lots of "I love You" "Thank you" and "I am sorry".


I do all the same things for him and more. PLUS, I iron his shirts. He told me I do not need to do this.

He always does the dishes. I have told him he does not have to do this.

These two activities are merely loving gestures.

There is another suggestion. Many men perceive a woman as being a nag when she approaches him to change something about his habits.

I have found that a simple conversation early in the relationship can avoid that auto response out of a man.

I point out that two people will always have differences of opinion and comfort level, and that a foundation of loving kindness must be maintained. There will never be verbal or physical abuse or the word hate in our relationship. I sit down and tell him the things that I think bugg him and ask him to tell me on a scale of 0 to 10 how much these bug him.

Then I tell him my list.

We decide together to stop certain things and to keep other things at a minimum or out of "ear shot" of the other, so to speak.

We chose a code word which is used merely as an alert that we have talked about this one.

When my husband is very very busy with recitles and concerts and the Opera, he begins leaving clothing where ever he took it off, and he lays his music scores all over the place including on the kitchen deck, pianos, and kitchen and diningroom tables. I can't get into the shower except to step over clothing, I can't get into the closet except to step over clothing, I can't go down the stairs except to step over clothing!!!

I can look at him, give him a kiss and say the word. He ALWAYS says, I know honey, sorry, then he at least gets stuff out of the way enough so that I can cook and not trip. I always offer to put some things out of the way for him. He does not always allow this, but when he does, it helps us both. As soon as "hell week" is done, he cleans everything up.


Whist *telling* the guy that you are a hopeless romantic destroys the whole thing, I think it's worth checking to see whether or not you are inadvertently projecting messages that conflict with this idea. There are a bunch of very romantic men out there, but in this day and age, it pays for them to be selective about *whom* they are romantic towards. If there are things about you that are *not* consistent with being a romantic sort, the romantic men will avoid you. Check your outer signals and your internal consistency, first, and hold onto your dreams a little longer, I say.

I am the same way.I feel that if I tell a guy what I want him to do,then he will do it just cuz I said to.Not because he really wanted to do it.