Sucks to Be

I am the biggest romantic I know, but it sucks cuz I have never met someone who can do everything I wish they would do.I cant tell them what to do either,cuz that feels wrong to me.Unfortunately men are human and not gods so the chances of meeting a man who will sweep me off my feet are slim to nil.... and the ones who are romantic like that seem to be either taken or gay. Woe is me!
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Some say romantic guys are a dying breed...I for one disagree. However we have declined a great deal. In the modern world romance is viewed as old and outdated, everything is about sex and how fast we can get there. Why let romance get in the way? That's how most people legitimately feel (whether or not they admit it). Everything is instant gratification, fast track to the end with people now. There are some out there (we may actually be making a come back) who realize that the best part of life is not the end...but rather the path we took before reaching it. The same applies to relationships. Cuddling on the couch, writing random love notes, taking her to a special place just for the hell of it...that's the fun stuff and if you want sex...I assure you it'll be much better after all that than if you just toss her on the bed. (That can be fun too but...that's a different stage of romance altogether.)

They are out there, trust me. The key is that you enjoy being who you are until you find each other.

-J.L. Manning (Hopeless Romantic?'s not hopeless if it happens!)

Just because you haven't met that guy, doesn't mean you won't.

Some men are as hopeless romantic as you. My idea of loving someone is unconditional love, loving them for who they are and supporting them in whatever they want to do. I'd love to have someone I can talk to honestly, share my thoughts with at the end of the day, watch movies with, play games with, hike with, go on picnics with, I won't go on because basically I want to enjoy life and be happy with the person I love. Unfortunately, I live in a loveless marriage and I'm too loyal to a fault and still trying to make it work. Funny too since my advice to people here is to quickly move on and find someone who will appreciate you and love you for who you are.

how loveless? that's sad :(

Well, now we're back to being civil and not fighting. I think she can now stand being near me. Haha. We also go out to movies now but there is no romance, no physical contact, I miss our first years together, you can't imagine how deeply in love we were. I just don't know what happened and have tried everything. Maybe it just takes time since she seems to have improved a lot for the better. I really have to set a time frame though because I still want kids. Some days I'm just happy to be near her or beside me in bed. More like close platonic friends. Sigh.

From your quote, "I have never met someone who can do everything I wish they would do." With preconceived notions of what you expect and want you might be missing out on something else that you have not yet discovered.

Moe is me is is what u meant to say....

well it depends on your idea of romantic. i open doors for ladies, hold the car door. there is always fresh flowers... when my ex was gone on a trip i sent her a pic of the laptop with our pic on it little heart candles around it her favorite shirt she liked and a rose laying on the keyboard. i gave regualr massages... love to cuddle on the couch.. the best is the daily good morning beautiful text with a little message after wards. then a few thru the day just to say "i'm thinking about you".... now none of these are made up and was always done. and no i'm not gay lol

well you are not gay but taken,but you also say ex,you see women who get hammer loving respecful treatment dont apreciated it.I hope you happy where you at

Maybe it isn't so unfortunate that humans are not gods, when you think about it.

Hang in there....there still out there and your still young!

I'm a guy and I'm a huge romantic. I think I've done most every cliche thing you can think of. But I dont like to think of it as cliche, because no one does it anymore. But I feel the same way about how it sucks to be only romantic you know, or the one in a relationship. You wish people would do that small stuff like text messages, letters, cheesy stuff. It sucks when its a one way street.


Well it's not possible that ALL the romantic men have been taken! After all, they all had to be single at one stage or another! Perhaps you're not maximising your chances of snaring one. Takes a LOT of work to get to the point where one can be a capable romantic man - are you putting the same amount of effort into making yourself romantic-man-suitable/attractive? ;)