Hopeless Romantic Undercover

Yes, I'm a hopeless romantic and perhaps I could be considered a woman in man's clothing because I love chickflicks. If that makes me less of a man well then so be it. I will sound even more off the reservation when I say that perhaps the first movie that truly got that hopeless romantic mania started was the Parent Trap with Lindsay Lohan. Like the Billy Joel song says don't ask me why that movie hit a chord but it does. I would gladly fight a duel should someone insult my lady. I would slay a dragon to put a smile on the faces of a few select princesses in my area. I love it all: cuddling, holding hands, Public Displays of Affection, little notes, roses for no special reason at all, dates even after you've been married and have kids, strolls by moonlight or near the water, watching the ocean at midnight, kisses by sunrise. I've dreamt it all and despite having all but renounced my faith, I've bounced back and remain the Lover of Love and all those little things.

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2 Responses Feb 8, 2009

The best place to be a hopeless romantic, is under the covers!!

best of luck