Mind Over Matter

if i believe i can have it all, romance and security, passion and commitment, love notes and bank notes, then i can.

i recently read a psychology study that claimed romantic movies have created unreachable expectations for romantic relationships.

but, i want so much more than what a romantic movie portrays as love. i want it all. this is why i'm a hopeless romantic. this is likely a hopeless pursuit.

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2 Responses Feb 23, 2009

It may not all be deemed hopeless! What I see in your story and SeraphicWannabe's comment is a good sense of knowing what you deserve and good self esteem is not a fantasy.<br><br />
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Generally I tend to agree with that study and think that those movies display false beliefs in excess to the point of where they seem to encourage cynicism in those that watch them. The Princess or the female protagonist in those movies-in real life should rarely attain what she wants with unreachable expectations. It's been a while since I last watched a chick flick, but to my recollection those movies rarely show how the princess *really* gets her way. It bothers me a little bit each time I find a guy who expects me to manipulate him.<br><br />
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So in my opinion, of course you'd want more than what romantic movies portray=a real relationship.

Hell yes! The point is not the likelihood of success but the result of not trying. I would chase these things 'til the end of the world.