There's this guy that my friend told me about back in December. We never met but he tried to talk to me in the winter because my friend told him about me and he wanted to get to know me. He also saw pictures of me and thought I was cute. At that time i really liked another guy so I wasn't into him. He tried to flirt and ask me on a date but I turned him down. We reconnected in June and became better friends. Now im over the other guy and like this guy but I think he's over me. He still flirts sometimes but I think he's stopped trying with me. I've never met him, we've only texted and facetimed but he only lives ten minutes away so I could see when I want. I really want to hang out with him but im too nervous to ask to hang out because i really like him haha. I can't stop thinking about him but I think ive lost my chance with him.
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3 Responses Aug 19, 2014

You always regret the things you don't do more than the things you do when you look back so why not go for it?

I think you should ask to hang out with him anyway. Even if you two don't end up together, your friendship will be strongsr

Aww just go for it! He probably didn't want to seem all too desperate since you liked another guy.

i don't think he knew I liked the other guy unless my friend told him haha but im just scared hes moved on because i really like him

I think he still likes you. But tried to stop showing it because you weren't responding back. But since he still flirts sometimes I'd say he still likes you