Why is love so hard I hate it I need to know if he is the one or not!!
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i love her, she knwos, she's far away and ther is nothing i can do about it.

I love a story where geeky guy gets the hot chick.

love is the most complicated, beautiful thing anyone could experience

Please consider trying to talk with him seriously about the future. And listening honestly to what he says. As hard as it is to hear, I think a lot of these issues stem from Trust Issues on either or both sides.
Recently my relationship which I thought was all honkey dory is falling apart because she's been keeping all of these doubts bottled up inside. Like having conversations without me there. Now we're in this horrible rough patch and I have no idea whats going to happen.
I could definitely be 100% wrong, but I hope this helps a little? At least know there are certainly others out there having similar trouble.

TLDR: Possible solution: More communication and More trust.

When the time comes, you will know.

If he is... you'll know. If he isn't... you'll know. :)

I hope so coz a 4 hour drive seem not to have me hooked

Long distance relationships are hard, but if he's a good guy and treats you well... and most importantly, you enjoy him, then it's worth it.