For so long, I've been waiting. And now that I have found you, I can't say "I love you" enough times or with enough intensity to let you know just how very important you are and what you truly mean to me. And so, I repeat it over and over. I am flooded with gratitude and it flows through my lips like a mountain spring just released from what was once a trickle. It pours out of me and I can't stop it, nor do I want to. And there is so much more inside. I am so glad you are not overwhelmed by the current and the outpouring my love, because it's just been there for so very long and there is so much.
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4 Responses Aug 20, 2014

*wow* I know that feeling.... I wish for you that all the love you share with her is reciprocated and grows stronger and deeper with time... Is there anything more precious and fulfilling? :-)

no jenga, i really dont think there is :) feeling so in love and having that feeling mirrored back is indescribable.

so true...(I was blessed to have that experience too for a while ... eventually the stinging reminders of that deep-felt happiness will fade away) but *good for you* ... cherish!

i want to be able to say this -every word of it :)

I...LOVE...YOU <3

I love you more!!!!

I wish I could find someone who felt this way about me. I really thought I did but then the well suddenly dried up on her end. I sincerely hope you both have the drive and ability to keep things as fun on day 300 and 3000, and on, as they are right now. I do believe it is possible.

I believe too :) I know my own capabilities and I have to believe that they can be reciprocated. Thus....hopeless romantic :) Thank you for you comment singledad!