In Two Weeks of Dating

In two weeks of dating I have: Left a flower at her door. Acted like John Cusak and played a stereo outside of her house with the same song that played in the movie Say Anything. Drawn a great facebook portrait graffiti of her. Left a voicemail with a poem by ee cummings. Went to the mountains to have a picnic in a hawkwatching area, where, because we can't legally drink, I bought sparkling grape juice and brought fancy wine glasses.

 Our first kiss was at the park at night. I turned the speakers on in my car, and we were dancing outside, the two of us alone with only the headlights looking at us. The dancing got slower and we finally kissed. It was fantastic.

Anyone have ideas?

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14 Responses Aug 14, 2007

Sounds like your doing fine. Just be sure that you find some original things that are romantic, try to be creative. Everything you've done was really cool and I'm sure she appreciated it a great deal, romance is a rare thing today. Just be sure to keep it up, but remember it doesn't have to just be gestures. Words can be very powerful and actions even more so. Subtle things can be romantic too, especially if sincere and meaningful.

Good work and good luck.

-J.L. Manning

wow, a poem by ee'd have had me right there, forever.

anyway, the best romance is the one catered to the object of your affection. you have to find out what is romantic to HER, and her alone...this cannot simply be done by imitating a romantic gesture from a movie. it has to be tailored to her, and that in itself, is romantic.

oh im jealous of her lol..... u need no advice... u r just perfect

I wish my boyfriend was like that.:c

Please tell me youre still together <3

If you've done all of that, I think you are on the right track. Just keep going with what you're feeling, and what you think she would like. If she doesn't fall head over heels with you, then she's out of her mind.

that has GOT to be the sweetest thing ever!!!!

Ohhh just ohhh. I don't think you need any suggestions from anyone at all. You seem to be doing great as is. Such a romantic! She's a lucky woman, hope it works outs great, best to you both! Cheers (:

Umm...I'd have fallen at your feet by now. You are an amazingly romantic guy. You might try arranging a treasure hunt of favorite places. Leave a clue at her front leads to a place you or she or both of you love and there's another clue...ect. Have it lead to someplace special and be there waiting...maybe for a moonlit picnic? Good luck. She's a lucky woman.

Love the movie Say Anything. You are proof that you don't have to spend a dime to be romantic to the one you love. :) Congrats!

Nice....I love your creativity! Just don't be one of those guys that wows her and then stops being romantic. Doesn't sound like you are but keep up the good work! romantic!!!!! don't know many guys who would do this to their girls and actually admit it..... so nice..... lots of love for the two of you..:):)

you sound like an amazing catch...i'm jealous! i can't imagine a better first kiss!! still with the same lucky girl??? that'd be so sweet...

that has to be one of the sweetest things i've heard in a long time....*sigh* if only someone would do that for me<br />
i dont think you need ideas from anyone else, YOU'VE done this by YOUR self and thats really what she wants, im sure of it. anyway, what you've done is practically guaranteed to make her love you! awww!