How is it
that I knew so little
yet felt so much?

You were at once
familiar to my soul,
for we spoke
the same language-
Yet you remained
an enigma, too

The truth is,
I knew so much
and still so little

It is the evasive parts
that haunt me now

But I cannot forget
the magnificent pieces
I saw

So it is goes
with those you love-
You cannot know all,
but you still love
all the same.
wildf1ower wildf1ower
26-30, F
3 Responses Aug 23, 2014

Crazy beautiful! I love it!

great job...........has alot of meaning........

Exactly. Prose...with a poet's heart.

And...there is NOTHING hopeless about romance.

i agree, but sometimes it can feel that way, with it's never ending nature...

I WANT romance to be never ending. No romance = No hope.

i agree, but the hard part is when that eternal romance remains long after the person has departed....

Often, the memory if the romance sustains the soul, not fully, but necessarily, until the next one can be nurtured.

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