I find it amazing that nowadays,
That people find love, I’m just amazed,
For two to be just so in love,
And I am here, alone.

I think it’s beautiful, the sentiment,
Those people in love, in their element.
They’re happy, and I for them.
But I am here, alone.

I truly want to be in love,
to find the one from up above.
For happiness, to be safe from the dark
And yet I am here, alone.

The crippling pain of which you bear,
I want to help you, because I care.
I’ll help you find the one for you.
And I’ll be here for you, alone.

And I’m okay, no really...

I’ll be here for you, if you are for me,
My love is all yours, be my destiny.
Let me sing you my song, and provide you with light,
So you don’t have to be alone~ <3
YoureMyGlowstone YoureMyGlowstone
18-21, F
Aug 23, 2014