I need to stop, but I cannot. He already likes someone. And still, I like him too. This is crazy but a friend of mine told me she'll ask his number for me. Even though this is really hopeless, I cannot help it but to fool myself telling there's still a lil hope.
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If he doesn't like you. He's not the right one. I've gone through the same stuff. Trust ne

Your young. You barely started dating. Come on be honeat

This is the first time tho, that's why i don't know what to do.

First time doesn't make you a hopeless. You hardly know what relationships mean, what love truly is.

Dude your too young. Your half my age. You might get to stay with him, u might now. It doesn't mean it wasn't meant to work out. It just means things weren't there based on needs and wants cause either of you know who or what you are!

Thanks for the advise. Can we be friends?

Lol, your half my age buddy. Friends we can not be. Cause if your parents found out you talk to someone double your age. On a regular vasics . they will flip out. Call the police, I will lose my phone for a while to make sure I never said or did anything to you.

And your likely get grounded.

Woah. I don't know friends should only be around my age :(
And my parents aren't like that. Plus, we're on a different time zone, having a different culture and reaction.

And no, grounded is not popular here.

Look up ICEE.

They are what control stuff in the states. And here and Canada. And they will tell your parents.

You don't think they would take your phone?

Okay? Sorry for wasting your time chatting with me lol

Never thought there's stuff like that in America.

Yup. Its there for your protection lol. There are creeps and sickos out there.

I got no issues giving u advice and ICEE would say they rather you go to your parents on these matters.

But I'm telling you the same thing they all would say. Your just a kid buddy. Life goes on and lessons change.

Thanks, and bye.

Thanks, and bye.


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