I have been in a love triangle for a long time and I don't know who to pick. Bothe guys are very good men. One I was engaged to but he left the country and I ended up falling for another in his absence. He is now back after 2 years and I am confused. We kept contact the whole while he was gone so that did not help the situation. He is not where I want him to be in life so it is hard. The new guy is almost everything I wanted but I don't love him as much as my ex. I am so confused.
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You cannot have them both. There will always be better one. There will always be temptation. If you really love your ex fiance how come you fall on the second one? the time that you spend with your ex might give you an assumption that you love him more but that was not the case. Are you really happy with him or you are just carried away by the fact that you've been with him for a long time?

Yea there was a reason i fell for the new guy. My ex didn't plan with me. He totally did his own decisions and left the country. He was so far away and i was the only one making efforts to see him after he left. Then i met my new bf who was in a similar situation and stuck by me. Now (ex) he is back 2 years later. And yes bc of all the time we spent together (lived together 5.5 years, engaged etc.) my love is clouded. I think honestly if i met my new bf first i would love my new bf more than my ex but now my ex has all this time advantage over my new bf. But i think my new bf is the better package and i am planning on sticking with him.

it's a nice feeling knowing someone is planning for your future. I am not judging your ex but what is the used of coming back if he already let you go for two yrs. Your love for him will remain there and you might think that you dont want to lose such a person but its a natural process I've experienced the same thing with my ex when he's trying to win me back. Just balance the situation, stay with the person who'll never let you go. It really doesn't matter whom you love most. We girls can easily be pleased by a person who loved us so much. You cannot give love to the second one if you're still holding on the 1st one. Choose who will love you unconditionally

Follow your gut instincts. If neither of the guys is everything you want & deserve, keep looking. Always remember that there are more than 3.5 billion other guys on this planet. Don't settle and end up short-changing yourself.

The best thing to do is break it off with both of them and give yourself time to work out what you want! It's not something that should be rushed into

Break it off with them both. Sounds like you don't really care about either if neither is enough for you to be sure.

I know this feeling

It is such a bad feeling. :(

Wel your situation is still better than mine. The one I feel like I really wanted left and the other idk something has changed I dont feel like he's that into me anymore.

Let them know of the other and let their responses make an impact on your decision.

They know of the other. They each want me to get rid of the other but I am so confused

Flip a coin ;)

I actually thought of that today lol... That is how confused i am. I would be happy either way. Just hard choosing.

Then you are 50/50...

Just flip and move forward. Being stuck is the worst!

Yea. Seriously! I will do that when I get home tonight bc I have reached a breaking point.

Why a breaking point? It sounds like you have two good options here...

I am at the breaking point of tired of being stuck

Then you must flip now

Yea i will when i get home and post the results.


Time to move forward in your life - wherever that may be

Be careful flipping coins. Last time I did that, I ended up running away from home at 16--was 3,000 miles away 3 days later.

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