I Value Every Romantic Moment

I am a romantic woman, a hopeless one.  I love to imagine how would be or how it was the moments with the person I love, the place we have shared together, the walk hand in hand, exchanged soflty kisses, my clothes, the perfume I am going to use to please him, the anxiety of meeting him, my shyness, the fondnesses distilled by the glances, to hear his voice and to shudder as if the wind is blowing in my body. Roses, love songs, candles, nice dinner and love notes showing love and passion...

I would make sure that the man I love feels every beat of my heart in a special way.

Things that makes moments of pure romance, tenderness and special moments... and no money can pay it. They are feelings that comes from the heart and fed by the soul. These moments are considered eternal in my heart!!


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7 Responses Mar 16, 2009

Can you hear unspoken words in their breaths?

I think it should be called hopeful romantic :)

Ahhhh! Beautiful. Me too!

all is so nice, but the lovers hand reaching out to hold yours. seeing a kiss in your lovers eyes. <br />
<br />

(ESP)This is what passion is and I love this,shy is so sexy!Romantic made my heart beat extra fast ;D xoxo

wow that was really nice

I am too but I think it is ruining my marriage