Flowers & Chocolates

It might be a bit out of cliche to do it for a guy, but sometimes flowers, chocolates, mixtapes, even sharing something like a milkshake is incredibly romantic for us too. You'll always look back and smile at that.
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22-25, M
3 Responses Aug 19, 2007

someone once went to a floral shop and bought me a yellow bouquet of tulips. sure, it was a sweet gesture, but something about it felt generic.

someone once bought me a whole bottle of ketchup, because he noticed i had run out, and my heart just about burst from the sweetness of that gesture. it still goes down as one of the most romantic gestures in my memory.

funny how life works like's always the unexpected that sticks the most.

Hee. =3 For me, I makes me swoon whenever a guy will order a massive drink, stop me before I can tell him what I want, and order two straws. Doesn't matter what flavor. ^.^ Though, for those interested, the last time it happened was over a big cherry limeade from Sonic. =p

mmm...yum What kind of milkshake was that?