I caught part of a movie on tv this morning I hadn't seen in years, "Frankie & Johnny".

It's really a beautiful story.  Two ordinary, lonely people, both broken by the events of their lives fall in love.   There's no huge obstacle preventing them from being together.  Johnny's the dreamer, believes love can conquer anything.  Frankie's the cynic, the realist who's decided love isn't in the cards for her.

All it takes for them to be together is to take the greatest risk of all.  To be with someone, heart and soul, no matter what life throws at them.  Sounds so simple doesn't it? 

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10 Responses Jul 11, 2009

lol....well of course you agree with me. Just proves you are a fine and intelligent woman. : )

Yes Sahira, I really love the movie, I hadn't seen it in years. The simple yet complicated choice to love again.

She is beautiful isn't she Myonis. And Al Pacino was so young, reminds me why I first fell in love with him. : )

I think guys enjoy that movie, too. He's a man's man and she's easy on the eyes!

Isn't that the truth Geode. Thanks for the comment.

So simple, but so dreadfully difficult. Then again that can be said for a lot of this life.

Alright??? I think it was a totally feel good movie. Or maybe just a chick flick. ; )

It's an alright movie :)

Ah, but Michelle Pfeiffer & Al Pacino make it totally believable. : )

A workable reality ;) ... I don't know ...