We Are - a Love Poem From Long Ago


When I was eighteen I had a relationship that was powerful and life changing in many regards.  I knew we would face some harsh treatment but I was madly in love and I wrote this poem.        
We Are
Words cannot express what I need to say
Especially when my feelings grow each day
I look deeply into your eyes as you look into mine
That is when we lose track of time
We laugh, we cry, we share it all
We pick up the other if they stumble or fall
We open the door to our soul and our heart
Trusting the other not to tear us apart
Just when I think that I can love no more
I see you and it opens a new door
We give each other so much
A gentle hug or loving touch
It is sad people cannot see
The specialness between you and me
It doesn’t matter what others claim
Our friendship will always remain
It is too special to let go
Because of what others think they know
I know what you feel
I know what you think
I know what you are
You are me, and I am you
We are no longer two
Our souls have joined in an unbreakable bond
Our hearts and souls have become one
We Are…..Each Other.

Written by S.M. April 14, 1985

 If you like the poem feel free to share it but please don't change it in any way or try to publish it.

I was totally engulfed in love for this person and although it didn't work out in the long run I wouldn't change it for the world.  Sadly we lost touch with each other too so PJG/PJR if you happen upon this please contact me, I miss you. 

I hope to find love like this again and this time have greater wisdom so I can make it last.  I miss loving someone unconditionally, losing myself in the moment and feeling like one person not two. 

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4 Responses Sep 16, 2009

Thank you Surefire. You have given me hope. I also am a romantic at heart. I write poetry as well. You should check out my blogs. I have several poems there that I have written.

Spank1972 who can say if the romance could be rekindled but if nothing else you could reach out to make amends. It might allow closure for the both of you and maybe even friendship. The romantic in me even entertains the possibility of more but after so much time it's quite possible he's built a life with another. You say you are afraid to act because it will haunt you forever if he can't forgive you. It sounds like your own guilt is haunting you as it is so maybe you should consider carefully reaching out to him. Be prepared for hard questions and statements regarding how much it hurt and don't let it scare you away. He may want to talk with you very much but there will be hurt that must be overcome. The person I wrote the poem for actually called me a few years after we split and I was happy to hear from my old love but I had so many questions and so much hurt. I forgot to get info on how to reach my old love and I never got another call. Looking back it was probably hard and overwhelming on the other end of the phone too. A face to face meeting would be much better if you can arrange it.

Oh sufire, please don't erase it. I too had a very strong love when I was 18. he was in the navy and it took him away from me. It turned out I just couldn't handle the long distance relationship. We were engaged to be married before he left. The last time I saw him was at the airport when we dropped him off. I tried to wait but with him away and I was so young. I got restless. I regret to this day how I treated him. He didn't deserve that. We were soul mates. we shared everything. we were so much alike. He also wrote poetry like I did. My dream is that one day we will again meet and that the love will still be there and it would be so strong that nothing would ever separate us again. I dream he would walk up to me and grab me and kiss me and I would melt in his arms. All would be forgiven and we would pick up right where we left off. But I fear that is just a dream and it will never happen. I do have something though that you don't. I know where he is and I have his number. He is in another state. I am just to scared to contact him. What if he has someone now or what if he can't forgive me. It will forever haunt me.

It doesn't seem that this poem is having the effect I had hoped since there are no comments. Should I post this somewhere else or remove it entirely?