Am I Wrong?

 I have been obsessed in love stories before, and still am. I love reading mangas, especially, since they have great stories in them and everytime...The mangas never fail to make me question and think about my story. I tried making songs out of what I feel but I dont know how so I wrote my thoughts in a sort of poem structure. I've never dated anyone but I have liked a lot. Its really sad that guys these days just see through girls who are not as popular or pretty as the others. I have a crush on someone but he doesnt see me as potential girl. I never really told him or anything and he has a girlfriend. I liked him because he has all the traits Im looking for and there was this one point in time when he encouraged me into pursuing my dream. He smiled so sweetly and I was shut silent. That is when I started to like him. There is nothing really that I can do but just secretly get happy with the little things that happens between me and him. I feel like Im thinking too much about it. I feel like Im trying to put the things I see in mangas, to reality. I wonder if its wrong... *sigh* I wish I could still find someone...

hopelessR93 hopelessR93
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2 Responses Oct 10, 2009

wahhh once happens<br />
i just read something so thrilling, nice and very romantic<br />
and i really love the story....<br />
i know it is PURE FICTION<br />
but i cant help myself...i want to keep thinking that its true<br />
and i keep asking myself...why cant i have that kind of life?<br />
:( i feel so lonely....that sometimes i just wanna die<br />
i wish i have their "their" i mean the lives of the ones i read in the books and i see in the sooo hopeless *sigh*

Reading this reminded me of my old high school crush. i had the biggest crush on him for 2 years. He was the most cuttest thing ever. His smile drove me crazy! and he was very nice. He was not cocky due to his real good looks, that was one of the qualities that i had liked in him. We would flirt here and there, and he would always stare at me. However, he had his stupid annoying girlfriend who was really pretty, popular, cheerleader, so i alwayz felt jeolous. He didnt see me like that, but then i would wonder because i would catch him staring at me a lot and stuff. But then i got tired of me having a huge crush and him not even borthering.. plus he didnt know.. so i know how u feel. aww brought me fresh old memories of high school...:)