My Moment In Time

I have anticipated this moment in time for weeks. I have both put off and dreamt about it. I still don’t know how you feel about finally seeing me. I wonder if you too worry that once our eyes meet we will never want to let go. I have placed so much faith in this visit. I worry that it is happening too soon, for you at least. As for me, it is long overdue. I have visualized that moment in time where our eyes meet for the very first time. I step off of the train into the crisp October night. I look around and I don’t see you and for a brief moment panic washes over me. I feel a horrible sense of loss at that instant to think that you are not there. Just as the tears rush into my eyes it happens. From behind me an arm slips around my waist and pulls me tightly. I feel you close to me. I don’t even need to look to know it’s you. You are holding me so tightly that I can’t turn to see your face. I can’t help but smile when you pull me a little closer and whisper into my ear to ask if I was looking for someone. I pull myself free and turn around. I instantly throw my arms around you and squeeze you tightly. My face is nestled in the crook of your neck and I breathe deeply, intoxicated by your smell.

  You return the embrace with a strength I did not anticipate. A feeling radiates through my body that warms me from head to toe. I could stand here in your arms for the rest of time, but I am anxious to see your face. I pick up my head and our eyes meet for the first time. I gaze into your beautiful brown eyes. I am instantly mesmerized. There is none of the sadness there that I expected to see. Your eyes seem to dance with joy and they are soft and gentle. I can’t break free from your spell. I feel myself smiling and I hear the scurrying of impatient travelers around us and can’t help but wonder if they can see what I feel. Your eyes welcome me in a way that I was not expecting. They assure me that finally my life is right. I have a nearly uncontrollable urge to kiss you but I don’t act, I told myself that I would wait for you to make the first move. My desire to taste your lips matches no other feeling of desire I have had in life, but I anticipate there will be other such feelings in the coming days. As I stare into your eyes I know I don’t need to rush a thing. I can sense that I have a lifetime of opportunities before me to share all it is that I want to share with you. As I gaze into your eyes I get the sense that I am finally home. My eyes fill with tears and I can’t hide the emotion. You pull me tightly in that instant and tell me that you are there now and everything will be just fine. I have no reason to doubt you. You are all I want or need and I finally feel like I have you and I will never let you go.
AKarenina AKarenina
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15 Responses Oct 18, 2009

this is better than twilight :) I really loved it thanx this made my night !

I have (at last) felt like that. Only believe: it will happen!

i feel exactly the same, anticipating to see my special someone again after almost four months now. i hope to meet him again soon... and i pray that when we see each other again, after all we`ve been through apart, we would never ever let each other go...

you are very perceptive snowbunny......a very special person :)

I'm thinking you wrote this with someone very special in mind

whatchya thinking about snowbunny :)

Beautiful story... ummm it's got me thinking :P

better-gave me warm fuzzies :)

aw thanks intrepid.....I hope it made you smile a little today :)

a really nice feeling in that story :)

Thank you.....that means alot coming from you :)

that is the greatest of compliments...thank you :)

I was feeling as i was one of the character...

I'll be wishing on a star every night until it happens :)

thank you :)