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As a child, I used to dream of that man who would be my best friend and my lover.  He would love me almost to the point of obsession... and I would him.  I would bleed his blood....

Our hearts would beat together... and every moment of each others would be felt, no matter how far away we were.  

At just the thought of him, I could press my hand to my heart, as if I was touching my soul...  and.... he would take my breath away.  "We" would be our motivation, and not a thought would go by without him in it.  

I still have this dream... this longing... for that person.  I know he's out there... but.... Will I ever find him?   Maybe.  But no one else will be right until I do.

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Sometimes I wish I didn't feel him... because he may not feel me at all... he may be feeling the same way.. i don't know.. It feels so much worse, than when I didn't feel him at all. To have that longing.. that hole, and never fill it... Argh. there are no words

I have all but given up hope on finding that one. I think I found him when I was a ripe young age of 18 but I ruined it. I hope it is not too late for all of you though.

I understand completely Jo.... Here's to that meeting! *raising the glass*

Elast.... The one I described above is that too... even though we did date... it was like fate was telling me that.... my true soulmate... will be like this... but even better.... so I'm both excited to find him... or him me... and sad that it's not right now. lol... but I am patient... sometimes. lol.

I couldn't agree with you more Dutchess... I am very liberal, and expect to grow with my soulmate... Sometimes it is jsut hard to have faith... but responses like these... always help to renew that hope.<br />
thank you :-)

Jo, I know what you mean.... I too thought I found my soulmate... but he turned out to be asexual, and has no desire, no longings, no passion..... We are still best friends to this day though.

I dream and hope oooohhhhhh those words touch my very soul! Aaaammmmmaaaazzziiinnnnggggnnneeessssssssss!<br />
I have a best friend who is somewhat like that but we can never be more:( So I still search..........................