Romantic For You

I have found that through the years, being romantic was much more than doing nice things in bed. I have been with my lady for around 40 some years, and did things that I guess at one time, I did not really consider romantic.  Romantic falls into all sorts of categories. Little things like opening the door for her weather it be a car door or building going in the door at home, just in case someone else was there to harm her, sending a card to her at work because she was sick, or just because....I did not know that these things were romantic to her. They were self taught--nothing that someone told me that I should do. Out of my love for her and out of my dying respect for this wonderful and pretty girl who gives me the breath of life every day I live. Than, we have the romantic of drinking a nice bottle of wine with a meal, a nice warm blanket I took out of the dryer for her so we can snuggle up on a cool evening. buying and sending flowers and such to her work or to our home and of course the romantic and loving things we do anytime of the day, or at rest.    Romantic is a feel that is in your head and you feel also in your heart.  It is NEVER hard to feel this wonderful good feeling anytime day or night------I just close my eyes and think of her......She is the reason I am a hopeless romantic.......I LOVE you so, Giley

56-60, T
1 Response Jan 9, 2010

You guys were meant to be together, it becomes more and more clear all the time. Love you both! T.