My Name Is Suzie, And I Am A Hopeless Romantic

Although I have been happily married for so long and my husband is a good man and lover I crave romance.

I dream of taking his hand and leading him into a bedroom lit by softly scented candles, rose petals beneath our feet.

I imagine us laid upon cushions before a glowing fire, sipping wine and whispering sweet nothings.

I play over a fantasy in my mind, a picnic, the warm sun, holding hands and making love.

A Love note once in a while would be heaven!

The romance is not gone but with three busy teens in and out we must plan our romantic interludes and

it just isn't as spontaneous.

SuzieA SuzieA
46-50, F
6 Responses Mar 3, 2010

Suzie, I know what you mean. I find it easier to talk here and to my female friend, than I do my wife. I wonder why that is? I think it is because I know that only my wife can really hurt me. I get scaired.

Ot would be nice if my wife and I could have spontaneous sex well actually love-making. We have to plan everything it seems.'s something really wierd, I find it easier talking about such things to guys on here than I do in real life!

I am glad. Now, have a talk with my wife, please?

Does a sweet, sexy e-mail count?<br />
Not often anymore.....<br />
We hold hands lots, store, mall, walking anywhere!<br />
Flowers.....occasionally<br />
Well I don't meet him at the door dressed sexily but I plan overnights and sexy outfits to wear for him!<br />
The romance is alive, just in a diffferent stage right now!!!

Yes it can. And it is up to both of you to make it happen. How often do you put a sweet, sexy note in his luggage when he is going on a trip? How often does he come back from a trip with something nice for you? How often do the two of you hold hands in the grocery store or while shopping at the mall? How often does he send you flowers? How often do you meet him at the door dressed sexy with one red rose in your hand for him? (with the kids gone for the evening. Bribe them if necessary.) It is the little things that make the romance. Why stop doing something that works?