Sometimes It's A Choice

Love, I mean.  Romance.  Keeping that alive within you when life wants to chase it away.  You go through enough relationships and experiences and sometimes cynicism creeps in.  Maybe so sneakily that you don't even realize what's happened until one day you find yourself thinking about love and romance as if they were fictionalized concepts found in books and movies...and not something right here, right now, for real people.

It's easy to let that take over.  But I refuse to go that way, to fill my life with anything other than hope and the belief that books and movies portray what is real and possible for us all.  I'm making a choice.  Hopeless romantic?  Sure...though maybe I'm more hopeful than hopeless because I'll never give up believing in the possibilities.  

WonderfullyAware WonderfullyAware
46-50, F
Mar 3, 2010