I am the biggest closet hopeless romantic ever... i would never wear it on my sleeve, i would never make it known, but i want more than anything to be swept off my feet, whisked away... loved unconditionally by someone who i absolutely crave--someone i cannot live without...

have him sing softly in my ear the sweetest songs, hold me in his arms for what seems like forever without saying a word, kiss me until i ache because i have more love for him than i can manage, twirl my hair in his fingertips watching it catch the light, tell me things he tells to no one else on earth, all those deepest, heaviest, most tender thoughts and dreams.

and i would listen, and stroke his cheek, kiss his forehead, sit with him in a big hot bubble bath, croon to him, singing right back in his ear, play piano for him while he reads, bake him cookies!! massage his back when he arrives home from a long day, be his biggest fan, his most intimate partner, his best friend.

that's what i want. i don't know how easy that will be to find. i don't know how long that feeling lasts in the relationship, but i want it forever.

now i just have to wait for it.
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Get out there and experience it. It's wonderful! It sucks when it's over but worth it.

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There are guys out there who want the same thing. Problem is it's hard to see through the clutter of those who don't. You're wading through a sea of romantic cripples. Eventually, you'll run into one of the good ones.

BTW your post was awesome, very sweet.

-J.L. Manning

Some would argue that you're in love with being in love. In other words, the thought is that you're hooked on what they think is the "honeymoon phase", or that initial rush that comes from the opening of the romantic stages of a relationship.

Where most outside of your experience get it wrong is that you can sustain a great deal of what you want, but always in moderation...it's a most powerful drug, love.

I was in a loveless relationship; it killed me to know that the affection was not going to be returned. However, I realized that affection unreturned isn't love at all. It's poison. To live without love is like living and dying simultaneously.

To put it another way, romance is like air-it doesn't seem to matter, unless you're not getting enough!

Too much, and your heart hurts.

Literally, as well. The heart and lungs suffer pain if the Oxygen saturation is too high, so it is with romance; if taken in too high a dose-the emotional self feels as though its hyperventilating!

"In a town of broken dreams, the streets are filled with regret, maybe down in Lonesome Town, I can learn to forget."

-Ricky Nelson

PS: I sing, I cuddle, I cook, and I too am a confessed romantic. I even cite Shakespeare! But I know that all can't be perfect all the time.

My dear lady, your dreams are valid...it\'s that someone worthy of you isn\'t in your midst; this is the circumstance which crushed your dreams-not I.

I want you to be happy, and will tell you that to be loved is the greatest feeling a human can experience.

But I would rather be honest, than a seducer.

I\'m in your equal and opposite position-yet much older. Trust me-the world does go on. You can and will be happy, if you remember that you \"are\" without another.

Remember Jane Austin, \"...you pierce my soul...\" your words clearly are that of the kind of woman I\'d like to meet someday. This tells me that one day you shall meet your man, as I my woman...hold on.

I submit this in friendship, and loving heart-and beg your pardon, if you felt that it was I that caused your dream to be bruised. I would wince at the thought that I hurt you.

To ask an opinion, and then act as though it was unsolicited is very delusional. But this is what damaged people do.

This site is no different than other sites...just damaged people who wish to rant, and refuse to accept the support of those who may in fact offer insight.

I won\'t go into my credentials, but I did try to help.

Forgive me. I will bother you no longer.

I am also removing my profile, as clearly by your posting, I am not welcome here.

A very small part of me just melted. So many feels. SO MANY. Yeah, i'm a guy and I want that too.

Wow.....that was very lovely put. Hope you find that special one soon!

You made me cry....I want that kind of relationship too and I thought I'd found it.....

aww im sure if you look hard enough you will find the person you crave.. and in return he will crave for your affection.. dont settle for second best, just because thats all the options you have in front of you.. i hope you find what youre looking for :)

One thing about life that I know for sure is that a good woman gets a good man and vice versa. Married couples (friends) I know for many years have shared the same love and devotion towards each other, not to mention their love increased with the passage of time. I hope you find the person you are looking for. Take care ...

that's so sweet. it reminds me of my girlfriend and i. I hope someone finds you soon. :)

nice post...wishful thinking..*sigh*

Be reassured these things will come in time. You have already accomplished the first step which is to clearly identify what you want! When that special someone comes along and your relationship grows, you will be displaying your love in the ways you have described....just keep the faith

Some men are hopeless romantics. I've written poetry personalized rhyming the love's name; written, sung, and played love songs to the woman in my life; greeted her with helium filled mylar balloons, flowers and cards; wrote romantic short stories about "us". It seems that it is never enough. There is always some younger guy, some richer or famous who takes my place. The thing is though ladies, we do exist and would love to share romance with a deserving woman.

Beautiful sentiments I think any normal person would want that it is beautiful when it happens and when it does happen don't let it go. I did to mine because I felt inadequate and not right and I regret doing so he was the most beautiful person in my life. So love with all your might and be good to yourself and him. Hold on tight HUGS Bella70

All you need to do is make me a god damned sandwich!!.<br />
<br />
:D teasing<br />
Great story!

I'm not gonna say" this is how I feel" even if it is. But surely I'll imply it, what I would like to say is your unique. Your love is pure your words are beautiful so beautiful and breath taking. I need a oxygen tank.. Oh so beautiful I would like to write you something that makes you feel the way I felt after reading your *sigh*. I haven't done this before cause I never read anything that took me to a place that I felt I had designed and created myself. For a few minutes I was in this world that you designed and didn't want to get out. I would go back in but I myself am hopeless romantic... A different kind though cause see I have someone already but shes nonexistent. I take her to these places I visit in my mind, it would be no fun alone so she acomanies me. My love for her is the generator to these fictional places we go. *sigh*. .

*sigh* nicely written

Well said. This is my dream.

wow that was beautiful...

I had a soul mate for 40ys the love and romance never faded it just got better Sharing life with some one you love and they love you is as good as it gets. Dont give up your values there are prince charmers out there I was 26 when I found my princess and the romance never ended

awww girl i know exactly how you feel :( sigh

awww girl i know exactly how you feel :( sigh

I am fully convinced that we, or most of us, pile too many things on our plates, hurry around too fast. We really need to slow down, 'smell the roses', smile at someone, and let the songs we hear bring out our inner feelings. That special person is out there, we just need to slow down enough to let them in.

I know how that feels.

This concept is a nice dream, but not a fair reality. You see how the world works and most of the time, people aren't like this. It's good to dream, though. I know the perfect person ONLY exists in my mind, never in real life. So, keep dreaming and don't let reality disappoint you.

Most relationships start out that way and end up dying as time goes by. So sad but thats how you'll know if you have the person meant for you...........if those feelings keep lasting and never fade.

I know what you mean sweety. You're not alone though, seems most of the posters here feel the same, including me lol C: just keep tryin, im cheering for youuu! CX

I feel exactly the same way

I feel an etire lifetime has passed by me just waiting and dreaming abt that perfect love where u are not insecure any more and there is abundance of love and unconditional at that - between both of us. I dont understand - Why have'nt I met her all this while or is it that she went by me and I did'nt see her.....

I think it's neat that you think this way. I think deep down many of us are too.

"I have so much love to give and no one to give it to." this!

couldn't agree with you more. it's just so hard to trust people with anything you do, whether "online" or in "real life". I am one as well. I love things like: walking on the beach, slow dancing underneath the moonlight,holding hands in public. Good post!!

I hate waiting. The more I do I think there maybe something wrong with me. I am trying to be the type of person I would like to be with. Being Impatient and romantic are a bad mixture. I hate it. I have so much love to give and no one to give it to.

Waiting for the right person to share those things with is worth it, more so than most anything else.