24/7 Hospice Nurse

Being a hospice nurse supervisor requires 24/7 mind, body and spirit.  You have the pleasure of overseeing the care of patients approaching end of life.  You have the luxury of meeting families that are going through a very difficult time.  My goal is to share my knowledge and experience with other nurses in hopes that our hospice patients and families will have some of the burdens relieved and experience good days for as many days as they can.

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Great post...happy I found this site but it doesn't have much activity? I Ty very much nrsdhg...as a continuous care nurse, we learn on our own and through asking a lot of questions. Some don't but I do! I ask to learn more as they throw us out in the field and we are expected to know and teach families and there's so much to learn...I feel nurses and hospice aides should be offered seminars every year and teach the new cont. care nurses and aides this very special area of medicine when things pop up we are at a loss for words to help families.<br />
Much just comes with experience, asking reading but most of all asking good hospices questions on dying etc. We work nights long hrs., and most if the time we leave before seeing our case mangers..some who are simply wonderful, each full of wonderful hospice info I am eager to learn more about. On a case now, very quiet and on my iPad ....kind of tired at nearly 4 am so sorry if this is choppy! My best, Mimi

I know this has to be a hard yet rewarding job all at the same time. My mother in-law was a surgical nurse for years, then when the hospital decided to get rid of all the surgical nurses she decided to be a hospice nurse. She loves her job, but some days she gets pretty down. It takes a special kind of person to do the job you do. Those people are very lucky to have such a caring person by their side.

Wow, nrsdhg. I hope all hospice patients have nurses as caring as you about end of life and grieving family issues.<br />
I work in a hospital as a RT with end of life issues some imminent and some not - when some patients don't go to hospice for whatever reasons. Hospice is such an important part of the medical community. My daughter started volunteering at hospice when she was 15. She is in nursing school today and decided she wants to be a L&D nurse! I wish you all the best!