Take Yesterday For Example.................

 Yes, another bro in law vent......................

 Yesterday, after Jim called numerous times for his mom to wake Joe up (yes he has a name)    ; )     to go get his Link card (food stamps)  And he lied saying he couldn't get it because he doesn't have proper I.D. (when he had it in his pocket the whole time)

 Long story shortened some what..................mama goes to the YMCA three  times a week for a cardio work out.

 She locks her part of the house up every time she leaves and has for many years.   I used to take it personal, but as I have gotten older and more understanding I know it's because she is old,and doesn't want anyone, or even the thought of anyone in her stuff.

So, Joe had to come down here.    He had no smokes, I gave him one of mine.  He laid on my couch as I watched soaps,talked to Jim on the phone and was in bed with my lappy toppy. 

She came back an hour later.....................I told him "Joe, mama's back you can go upstairs and go back to bed"

 *sighs*   when Jim leaves for work, that's my much treasured alone time.  I LIKE BEING ALONE  !   I love Jim,  but I love being alone for those few hours while he's at work. And we talk at least ten times while he's out there...............

Any way, I said that to Joe about four times, he finally responded with "I have a head ache and if I go up there,she's going to make it worse"  

  *SCOFFS*  And this is my problem WHY ?   I can't wash my ***, take a shower or a sh!t in private because you don't want to hear her mouth ?

No response.  

Jim comes home,he's still down here sponging and waiting for us to smoke our evening joint.  Pfffffffffffffffft !   We waited him out, till finally I elbowed Jim,gave him a look and he  told the boy, "okay, time for  you  to go"   Which as usual went in one  ear and out the other till Jim had to put base in his voice !

What is it that I can say to make him understand that this down here is NOT a part of the whole household? That this is not a place for him to just  plant his a$$ and be entitled to everything we have. Everything JIM works for !

My lap top ! I told him it's MINE and he's not to touch it ! He comes and gets on this one.

 I have to hide cigarette pack so he can't just help himself.

 He helps himself to my pop, and just giggles when I give him a hands off look.

 He talks on his cell phone while we are trying to watch  something on T.V. till we have to tell him "Shut up,or get out" Then he looks all "the nerve of you"   And then tells his mom I DON"T WANT HIM DOWN HERE and she gets an attitude with ME !  

 But it's perfectly fine for her to b!tch about him up there.

Once again, thanks for listening !   Thank you E.P. for a place for me to rant and vent ! 

 URGH !    *still smiling though* for now !

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9 Responses Dec 17, 2009

girl i know its rough, but i dont think i would move either, as you been there a long time, and had to endure all of this. this will all change in the future.

he could kill all of you, not just mama. i dont see very much you can do when its mama's house and she is letting him in.

i think jim needs to come down on him real hard and tell him he isn't wanted down there . looks like he is messing up everyones life, but mil is partly responsible for that. love ya

dam sweets, you need to find a way to get rid of the rodent.

Well, that's a valid fear!!!! Crackheads will do ANYTHING! Oh, honey.... if you can't get her to throw him out I really really really think you and Jim should start getting ready to go yourselves!!! I dont like the idea of leaving her there with him either, but maybe that will wake her up!

Well, he is working on her.... she doesn't owe him anything... and I am worried about YOU. How do you know he won't cop some H one day and bring it and the cops home with him? How do you know he wont bring guns or gun-carriers home with him one day?<br />
<br />
Oh, sweetheart -- now you have me really worried about you! See if you and Jim can't get the momma to see that this dude is nothing but trouble waiting to happen!!!!

Honey -- girlfriend to girlfriend -- ok? He HAS to go. And soon. You two need your own life, your own place, your own future. He is nothing but BAD NEWS. The worst part of it is, he could get himself into DEEP DEEP **** and bring it home with him -- and get you all into the deepshit with him!<br />
<br />
Set a move out date for him and STICK WITH IT!<br />
<br />
Now this is just my advice and I know it's worth just what you paid for it, but please, at least give it a thought. OK?

not surprised! :/

this guy is a first class, grade A USER. sad for y'all.