Being A House Husband Wearing Saree

Now my wife told me to wear saree instead of pant & shirt & to wear mangalasuthra, nose, ear ring etc. Can I wear it comfortably.
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Your wife is very sensible, you should immediately start implementing her order for you to wear Saree, and get your nose, ears pierced and start wearing jewelleries, yes you should also wear mangal shutra and start growing your hair and have sindoor.

In the begining you might feel strange and uncomfortable but to show your respect and love to your wife you will soon find these things comfortable, I am sure your mother in law and father in law as your sister in law all will also be pleased to see you in these attire.

you are really a luckly person

That is great. I Too am a house maid for my girl and I wear fluffy net petticoats under all my dresses. I live as a girl 24/7. I do not own any guy clothes and am always wearing girls clothes and make up all the time even when I am out shopping.

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This is not an advertisement but simply a marriage proposal. I want to make you all aware its a very serious proposal as i am quite much worried about my future. Every person want to live happily i too want the same from life. God have given us life only one time so its very very precious don't waste it just live the way that you want to because this journey called life will never come back to you again. Just be positive and hopeful because i believe where there is a will there is a way indeed.
I am a 24 year old realist man, from early childhood i have a cute hobby of dressing up like girls (cross-dressing). I love to dress up like females, do all make up and all girl's stuff perhaps this may be a bit weird but its natural in me its not a crime but a enjoyment. I love this a lot now i get so much pleasure in it and i am so proud of it. I am actually a very emotional thoughtful and ambitious, i know what happens, happens for the best. My parents want me to get married, i am worried what will happen when my spouse will come to know about all this, I am still so positive and thank to my god for making me this i am I just do this because i love it i get happiness but i am a straight male and i like girls only. I am searching a good and understanding girl who accept me in the same way i am. I love myself a lot and i can promise myself that i will give my full love care support to my soul mate.
Second thing as everybody knows every one have his long cherished dream same with me. My lovely dream is to be a happy and successful homemaker. I love to do all type of household works. I perform them quite well. Its my passion and comfort zone. I want a girl who accept me as a happy homemaker. I can assure you i will prove my worth to her. I don't like office stress so don't like doing jobs etc etc. I just want to do what my heart suggests me. So want a nice girl who can do job earn well for her family. I will be so grateful and humble of her. I will really enjoy myself and hope she will also feel the same.
In short i want to full fill my desires which is to live a life of a happy homemaker with wearing all types of female clothes with all woman's stuff always after marriage all the time, not even interested in to touch any male stuff. At the same time i will love to handle all domestic chores as a happy and successful housewife. May be all this sounds bizarre but i would really want to live this type of life and i do believe in miracles. I will be so happy and will make my partner happier than me its my promise to myself.
I also want to make a lawful agreement of complete role reversal marriage for me in this man and woman will have to reversed their respective roles after marriage, man in the couple is known as wife while the woman as husband indeed all this under the law as per the agreement. If girl don't like its not that necessary just want this because to completely specify our roles after marriage so there will be no ambiguity then i guess, even i will enjoy myself as a happy housewife. Hopefully she will also enjoy her freedom and job as a good husband indeed. Even this will going to be a good for female power and empowerment too. I can assure this sort of marriage will going to make female life can be a lot easy and joyful.
I strongly believe a relationship forms from one heart to another, it doest want what you wear or what role you play. Its more about satisfaction and happiness because at the end only your happiness and satisfaction from life matters nothing else matter even a bit. If you truly love someone you will have to accept her/him in the same way he/she is so don't change be confident and remember what you want from your beautiful life.
All types of girl's proposal are most welcome, age, religion, nationality, affluence status dominating by nature and sexual orientation (lesbian, bisexual, cross dressing girl) no bar for this. All are good and worthy for me. I have seen some successful cases of this type of marriage in San francisco, United States they are stimulating many aspirants so remember you can be a big inspiration for millions of people of this world. I will respect whoever will connect me as i respect women ability and freedom. I am a supportive of women power and empowerment. I will let her aware more about me my family, my planning and my expectations. I am completely normal and willing to take my duties and responsibility. We can move to some more liberal places of this world. Trust me all this can be possible. Who will join me, her identity will not be disclose to anyone from our side, so girls be honest and truth worthy. I am here waiting for your all mails, request to all other people who have any girl in your acquaintance inform me please i will reply as soon as possible.
I am willing to have a very suitable and appropriate marriage looking forward for the desired girl.
Thank You and all the very best to you for your strive Good Luck.

Kindly do not mistake me for anything iam saying is not against any individual...individual has the right to do anything they want within the four walls of their house. But when you are writing be careful enough not to spoil the society or thrust your views on others.

This is very easy have to carry some weight ..then only you will know...close all doors..don't pierce...just press with the metal which is cheap and rusty in your ears and nose.whenever your male ego comes above don't suppress it...kindly do all things in the odd way to know the difficulty.if you do something comfortable nothing will happen. Be a MAN and stand up to the challenge.KIndly don't wound others. Kindly don't share these type of stories as millions of people are getting spoiled. They may have some other psychological dis orders but they may wrong identify with your rotten psyche and get spoiled because most of the people who come to this site are teen agers only. Now every male is producing only girl child. If even the male who are now are turned into female , the society which is brutal and violent will take over and nobody will be there to defend the soft natured and good persons who cares for the society.Kindly think all about this in society's perspective. If you want to enjoy, enjoy privately..By saying your experience you are going to more spoil the society than contributing useful to the society. Take care...Think all things in right perspective..This is not for challenge. But for experience which will make us ourselves realize our mistakes and not spoiling the society in any manner even if we get spoiled. IF YOU SPOIL SOCIETY, YOU WILL PUT MORE BAD KARMA AND THIS WILL AFFTECT NOT ONLY YOU BUT THE WHOLE WORLD.IT WILL BE GOING ON ENDLESSLY WITHOUT ANY REDEMPTION.

Really it is your choice...Kindly don't think that female is easier than male.In fact if you are locked inside the house and nobdoy to look after and if it is very hot climate, this is the worst punishment you can ever get.Kindly put some 2 Kg of Rice or Dhal and tie it tightly as a bag or pocket.Put in the belly downwards and above your genitals. Try to walk with that for a month without removing it even for a single minute.Then you will know the difficulties. KIndly try to wear less sized bras and try to put hook, try to wear blouse like that, try to wear saree with the bag i earlier told..Kindly don't pierce your nose and ear...just try to pierce by yourself. Put LIngerie knot very tight and try to remove it. Put under sized panties and feel how it rubs your thighs. KIndly experience the whole day without removing it. Then surely you will have a change in your dress habits..Put some heavy ornaments in neck, ear and nose..Then you will know all the difficulties which women face. Try to go in crowded buses and trains with your beautiful face and dress. see how men react need to experience more bad experiences rather than sensational experience.

I would love to try

Thanks for that message it is nice to know that some people think a man might not like to be a maid if he had to suffer some of the realities of being a woman

I would try - the tight clothes the rice - even a pregnant belly for 6 months - nice

Yes. This is not a difficult,

my boy friend wear saree

you must be lucky and previleged for that and yes u can wear can mangalasuthra, nose, ear ring etc.. comfortably..!

i shall force my husband to wear chastity belt,it's key will remain in my garland.he would be feminine at night by me by means of wearing women's attire.he shall be dominated by wife to obey his wife ever.

I was angry by nature. So after few years of our marriage my honerable wife decided to feminise me. From that day I always wear saree blouse petticoat bra & panty with full makeup 24x7 and doing all the house work. Once I made biggest mistake of my life by trying her jeans, when she was not at home. But she came suddenly ... And I can't forget that day in my life...she beated me a lot by her belt.. Then putted me out from home only in bra panty blouse & petticoat with full makeup (without saree). She said me that she will allow me inside only if I will come in saree.. That day I went to my parent's place somehow .. And said all the things to my mother .. My mother gave me one of her saree ,, I wore that, and after a lot of requests, my kind wife allowed me in home.

you can come out in public with being a women then you feel complate feminising experience . if more people like ours do it may our community accept it.

you can come out in public with being a women then you feel complate feminising experience . if more people like ours do it may our community accept it.

hi have u got u r nose pierced if not pierce it and keep the hole with a retainer it wont be vissible in public by that u can enjoy a real and natural make up which leads to great pleasure in sex and she can enjoy by playing u r nose stud by different style in real way u r love will develope with full entertainment i had my nose pierced two with septum my wife use my nose jewel and ese hers just in mid night only

I am male but become wife of my wife . I had to transformed completely into woman and she became actual husband. I wear bra panty, blouse, skirts, petticoats ,and apply make ups . I have to wear sexy lipstick and nailcolor. she instructed me to ready and complete make up like ideal wife upto evening when he comes from office so he get good feeling ny looking at me and want to see complete woman in me. I have compledded to do this for entire life, this has became my what can i do ? i accepted the realityand now enjoining like female. u to enjoy. make me ur friend.

hi, i would like to be ur frined pls mail me at

hai, u too good, being a house wife is too good for saree cd, wear always only saree, being house wife is good for saree cd

Almost same situation with me, she like to see me in Saree with complete makeup every evening. Her usual time to come from office is 8 pm, so I need to be ready before 7 pm with meal prepared and then I need to stand at door every evening and wait for her. Sometimes she come late. As she come to home I need to put her sandels at proper place and then give him her night pajama. Then usually she watch tv while I warm up meal. Then I need to surve dinner. After dinnner she usually sit on computer. I finish work in kitchen and take my dinner thr, then I need to make milk for her and then refresh my makeup and then i sit in bedroom and wait for her. Once she free she come to bedroom, I need to rub het feets, while she don't sleep. Then I change my saree, and ready to sleep at her foot side.

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hi have u got u r nose pierced if not pierce it and keep the hole with a retainer it wont be vissible in public by that u can enjoy a real and natural make up which leads to great pleasure in sex and she can enjoy by playing u r nose stud by different style in real way u r love will develope with full entertainment i had my nose pierced two with septum my wife use my nose jewel and ese hers just in mid night only

hi, radha, yoi can were wear mangalasuthra, nose, ear ring etc it comfortably. i am radha cd my wife also insists for me to were saree mnagalsutra,nose,ear ring,bangles,payal, putting ladies wig and i<br />
wear bra,blouse, saree and becomes wife of wife and she becomes my husband. you can also<br />
enjoy that feeling. Please make me your freind