Being A House Husband Wearing Saree

Now my wife told me to wear saree instead of pant & shirt & to wear mangalasuthra, nose, ear ring etc. Can I wear it comfortably.
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understanding wife

Once you are a househusband, you have no choice other then love, honor and obey. All the best.

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you must obey your wife

super continued fmale attire

good keep it up

Hello dear,
i am from India i am looking for a decent working lady to marry with. i promise and assure best from my side in every thing. You can dominate me anytime. i will always obey her as a good house husband.
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nice looking

i am also a crossdressed huband and wear all ladies dress. When i go outside with my wife , no one can think that i am a male. My wife is a beautiful lade and she trained me very well in wearing all type of female dresses, particulary saree , lehenga choonri sets.

cope up with stress should not result in ridicule, abuse, insult and unnecessary strain on people who really care for you and people who knows your real needs instead of mind created stress. Even if you are coping with stress in different way , men used to cope up with stress in a different way, women used to cope up with stress in a different way. These are all natural and biological differences.But people are seeking only artificial ways to cope with that.Will you do sex change or hormone replacement if she asks you to do that also?

These are all some illusions and bodily related attractions. If you become old and if you are not attractive enough anymore or if she finds some better male or if she enjoys some better male company who can dominate her what will be your position? Suddenly if you are thrown out of the house are you having any other support other than her?...How did you start believing her even though she is not giving a semblance of respect as a human being or as a ATMAN which is living for her sake...Will you consider these points before giving reply?

She know better what's good for you. So u should be obedient and follow whatever she is saying to do. Yes sit in saree will comfortable instead of sit with red *** which ur wife will made if u will not follow her.

Have you pierced you nose and ear to wear the nose ring and ear ring as i have pierced my both side nose as well as septum and multiple ear piercings. First go for nose and ear piercing if you have not pierced your nose & ear. Prefer to both side nose piercing.

I think u will looke cute in them..Go ahead and wear it..

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good for you

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Hi you are looking cute and can wear nose & ear ring etc, etc. and enjoy life. let me be ur friend.

y she told u wear that?.. could i know the reason pl.. add me in your friend list pl...

k now you serve your wife as a women and ask him to wear jeans and became complete house wife

ya sure. i think u are lucky