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As I told earlier, my Priya did not allow me to have hair cut. Mine is thick but smooth hair. After about 6-7 months, my hair was just touching my shoulders. Priya pony-tails my hair every day with a tight rubber band. She always takes care of my hair. She parts my hair in centre and makes two pony tails.
On a Friday evening, I came from the office at 5 and as I was tired, I took head bath with warm water. Generally, Priya keeps my dress of her choice in the bath room itself. But I found no dress in the bath room. So I understand, that today is special day for my makeup and Priya herself will dress me. I wrapped a towel to my wet hair and draped another towel around my body, covering from my breast (?) upto knees. I came out and called Priya. I went to dressing table and sat on the stool. Priya came in “oh, you have taken headbath, good. In fact, I wanted to tell you to take head bath”. She came to me and puffed powder to my face. Applied kajal to my eyes. She used kajal stick and thickened the kajal line. My eyes became very dark. She saw me and satisfied herself. “your eyes are very attractive Komali. It is my luck I am your wife. You are very handsome as man and beautiful as woman. I love you dear.” I laughed.
That is her greatness. Though she is helping to fulfil my fantasy she never say that I am lucky. She always says that she is lucky to be my wife.
She applied lip glass to my lips. I understand that we are going out. When we go out, Priya never apply lipstick to me. She slipped a gold coated bangle and six red glass bangles and then gold coated bangle to each of my hands. Painted my nails in red. She wore me a red colour petty coat, bra and red colour blouse. The blouse is new one. So, she purchased for me a new saree. The blouse was back open. Priya hooked it. She take out jewellery box and take out big buttas and put in my ear lobes and screwed it. Priya observed me for a while and found satisfied.
She asked me to sit down and close eyes and I will make your hairstyle. I surprised. My hair was always styled there itself. I did not understand why she is asking me to sit down. But I am not in the habit of saying no to my wife’s order. I sat down. Priya got angry and ordered me to sit like lady and not in Padmasan. I sat folding my legs and putting my hands around knees. “That’s good. Now close your eyes.” I cloed my eyes. She took off the towel wrapped to my hair and pulled my hair back. Oh. What a feeling. When she pulled my hair, I really felt that it is the real scene that one lady is braiding another lady. Fine feeling. She parted my hair from front side at the middle and took all the hair to my back. I understand that she is braiding my hair. But I was not able to understand how she was doing with my small hair.
After about 20 munites ( I remained my eyes closed). Priya said “OK open your eyes and get up and sit on the stool”. I opened my eyes and got up. I find that some thing is touching my hips. I went to mirror and saw me in the mirror. My hair was styled into long braid upto my hips. Oh, my dream comes to true. What a lucky (wo)man I am. Priya went into the kitchen and brought jasmines. She pulled a small portion of the hair and inserted the jasmine flowers into my hair. She then gave me a white silk saree with red boarder and draped me with the saree. The saree is new one and costly one. Priya told me that she purchased the saree for me.
My make up was completed. I asked Priya that I will prepare dinner. Priya asked me to leave my braid to front side. I did so. She took me to Aunty’s house. Aunty surprised a lot. “Priya, as told by you, you made my beti as Angel today. Very nice. Thank you dear, you have shown my daughter in a different get up. Is there special occasion, you may her angel today.”
Priya took out a chocolate from her bag and put me between my lips and said “Happy birth day to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy Birthday to Komali”. I was surprised. “Priya my birthday is……..”. Priya laughed and said “Today Komali’s birth day. Exactly, a year back, I first made you girl. We will celebrate the occasion. We will go to temple first and while returning we will have dinner in a restaurant”.
Myself, Priya and aunty went to a nearby temple and there Priya performed poojas in the name of ‘Komali’. After pooja, we sat by a side in the temple. Priya went to purchase Prasadam. Aunty said “Komali, you look very beautiful in this long braid. Do not cut your hair bêti. Be always with long braid. Please”. I asked aunty, “didi, am I looking that beautiful, really”. Aunty laughed, “Priya and myself will go home now. You come by walking. Its just 1 KM. You will find how many boys will be after you”. Priya came with prasadam. Aunty told this to Priya. Priya also laughed and said “do not go alone Komali. These boys will not leave you”. After sitting for some time, we went to a restaurant and finished our dinner.
That is how my Priya celebrated my (Komali’s) birth day.
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Love the story. My work won't let me have long hair. But I did have it long before and would braid it And curl it. Wished I had someone to braid my hair back then.


hi,<br />
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komali you are luck sister . you have found such co-operative wife like priya.<br />
still you and priya are going out as two ladies.<br />
just share the expericance of your cd<br />
<br />
love from radha

It was my imagination to go out as lady. I am staying as lady only at home dear. In fact I like to go out wearing saree, etc. About 5-6 times, I had gone for walking in the morning at 5 along with my wife as lady. As the place was dark, nobody recognised me.