My Life As A House Husband

i hav completed only +2 in schooling , as i had 3 sisters they told me to marry a rich girl so that i can get money to complete the marrying of my sisters . they agreed to make me as her house husband . i too agreed for the sake of my sisters . i am a crossdresser i married priya at my 20 years priya found out that i am a crossdresser . she liked me in saree rather than in men's wear . so she want us to be alone from her parents so we constructed a new house near a beach . she dont like to wear saree or chudidar and she wears only pant shirt like men. she gave all her sarees to me and asked me to stay as house husband. as i had a desire to grow hair she utilised it and combed it in female style and extended it near my navel . she does nt wear any kajal,bindi,mangal sutra or any other girl ornaments so she peirced my ears and put ear ring on me and bought 5 sets of me new bras panties inskirts . then she brought her friend maheesha who is a female tailor and took the measurement for my blouse and dressed me in saree and made me look like a traditional housewife.
i took care of the house and she went to her company as it's managing director.i did all the household chores from cooking cleaning bathing and washing clothes. she liked me very much and made me her wife and she became my husband. i too liked being the wife of my wife
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Nice man u really lucky because your wife doing job and u are doing all housework.
I also doing all household chores and doing job wife dont do any housework she is my lovely wife and I don't like when she is doing any housework I feel very bad.
So I am doing all household chores for my love.i love to do this because it's all my responsibility and men's are made for House work.


house husband ab apko roj priyaji ke charan sparsh karne hai

hii me to like this type of wife....and i will convert like wife

nice rajeshwari i also like to be a house husband like you nice haaa

o my rajeswari-maa, Your fantastic fantasy , i enjoyed like anything.I am a swami from New Mumbai, india.I want to become thy friend

It is more of a fantasy Rajeshwari..But it is interesting to happen to a CD..

Hello r u CD.

i would also love to be in a saree the whole day helping my wife

hai radha sister how did u find that it was fantasy it happened in my friend's life

very nice

hi, sister,<br />
<br />
nice fantancy