The Incident Which Made My Friend As House Husband

My friend was not at all good at studies he like to eat well sleep well watch tv and go out he does not have interest in other activities but he liked crossdressing in saree very much when no one was at his home i used to help him in his crossdressing he helps in mine we used to wear his mother's dress from bra petticoat blouse and saree one day his girl friend find out that he was a crossdresser he got feared and raped her so that she will marry him she works in a big company for huge salary she asked my friends parents and on a condition that i must be the husband and your son must be my wife they agreed to it because they had the beleif that only she can give him life because he does have studies or job they married him with her he wore saree like a bride and she wore dhoti like men they married only in front of their parents then the girl's friend dressed him in nice saree costume for his first night and sent him in to the bed room she was waiting in it as husband then she removed all his clothes and burnt them she told that i am going to take video of your body fully and show my friends he covered his body with bed sheet so she stopped taking video and raped him allegedly on next day she invited her friend for dinner and made him to prepare dinner and made him to serve for her friend and she asked anything do u want as gift she told i want your wife and she told her to be ready in the bedroom and sent him inside and locked the bedroom she too raped him to make her revenge she allowed everyone of friends or relatives to enjoy him as a girl he had no other way and adjusted to whatever his husband did and he also did all the house hold jobs she tortured him for small mistake he committed but now he has overcome everything and got adjusted to any situation
rajeshwari87 rajeshwari87
26-30, M
May 11, 2012