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On a day, (just after 4-5 months she started making me girl, when I was not feeling well, Priya took me to (lady) doctor and got me examined (I was in the male attire only). Blood samples, etc . were taken by her. In the evening, I was told that everything was normal and I was just week and advised to consume some tonics. After a week’s time, Priya started giving me vitamins in the nights. Before dressing me up, she used to apply breast enhancer cream for five munites. She wanted me to grow my breasts also. I expressed my worry that it looks awkward when I go out. She said, “don’t worry, this is only the cream which shapes boobs but the size will be enhanced only to a small extent and will not be seen to others if you wear shirt”. I was though in dilemma, I could not say no to Priya. In the night, while I go to sleep, every day, Priya gave me a capsule saying that it is for strength.
After about 3-4 months, I observed that my boobs grew to some extent, which are small like that of just matured girl. I felt happy to wear padded bra without cotton balls for the boobs. I told Priya to stop creaming the boobs further, as the size of the boobs are sufficient for wearing padded bra. Priya laughed and told “I am sorry Komali, I want to make my lovely Komali as complete girl and not half. I am giving you every day the breast enhancing capsule as suggested by the Doctor. I told every thing to the lady doctor that day we went. She is my friend Dr. Sunitha and she suggested this medicine for enhancing real boobs and also enhancing lady-like skin, etc ., without side effects. Your boobs grew to half in these 4 months and I am happy to see them bouncing just as those of ladies. I do not know whether you have observed or not, your beard and mustache have also become very thin and it is only after another 4-5 months, your breast will be of normal woman’s size and there will be no need to use accessories for the breasts and also your face will be hairless. You will compete in the beauty contests also. Though I was worried, I felt happy to grow boobs. I touched my boobs many times. Priya used to press me in the manner I use to press her breasts. She sucks my nipples also and when she sucks the nipples, oh… I cannot express my feelings. One should experience it. Priya said to me “from now onwards we are lesbian couple and not wife and husband”.
It is after 4-5 months, the size of my boobs and the Breast of Priya have become equal. My face has also become very smooth without any hair on it. I really cannot express my happiness to see my face hairless and smooth. Earlier also, when I clean shave, I was looking girl only, but the touch of beard was not smooth as it is today. That day, Priya told that she would stop capsules.
Early in the morning, Priya woke me up in the morning and asked to have oil bath. She rubbed oil through out my body and gave me warm water bath. My hair was wrapped in a towel and started dressing me up. She applied light make up, kajal, lipstick, bindi, etc. She inserted hangings to my ears. Put diamond nose-pin. Hooked black bra and black blouse. Wore me black petti coat. She took out a black chiffon saree and draped me. Wore me two dozen bangles to my left hand and ladies’ watch to my right. Painted my nails also in black. Hooked heavy payal to my legs. When I moved my leg, the payal sounds sweetly and loudly. My make up is completed. Priya called aunty and requested her to style my hair in a new style and in the mean time she will have her bath and dress-up. Aunty took me to her house and untie the head wrapped towel and started combing my waist-long hair. She separated my hair into about 10 pony tails. She took one pony tail and combed it again and folded towards up and made it a ring and sticked it with pins, so that it will not be loosen. She made all the pony tails in that style only. She showed the style in mirror. It was looking like a bun but I was not feeling heavy except at pin inserts. “Vow, aunty you are great. This is great style without any hair accessories. I am not feeling heavy also aunty. It is big but light. Thank you”.
I came back to my flat. Priya was ready after finishing her bath and dress up. Priya took me to the same lady doctor. On seeing us, the doctor shouted “vow, is this the same lady for whom I prescribed medicines. She is looking gorgeous and I envy on her beauty”. Priya laughed and said that she wants to stop breast enhancers and need her guidance. Doctor took me in and laid me on table. She unhooked my back open blouse and bra. I removed them and kept a side. Doctor examined my boobs and told that they are perfect in size and also very spongy. A very few ladies will be having such beautiful boobs. She asked me whether I was feeling any inconvenience. I told her “doctor, I am feeling my boobs as if they are my other parts like, hands, fingers, nose, etc. I am not feeling they are heavy.” Doctor felt satisfied and asked whether I wanted bigger than these. I said sufficient. Doctor asked me whether to become complete lady, by removing…..” I said “no, I want to enjoy both as man and woman”. Doctor laughed and said “you are more beautiful as woman rather than man.”
Doctor came out and said to Priya, “Priya, everything is OK. Only thing is she wants to enjoy as male also. Let her continue. If you so desire to see her as complete lady in all aspects, there is an idea. I will push his manhood and testicles and make stitches, so that at least for some days you can see her as complete lady. Without her consent, I will not conduct operation”. Priya said “thank you doctor, I will also not go against his will. We both will discuss about your alternate suggestion and come back to you”.
Myself and Priya came out by thanking the doctor once again.
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What breast enhancers did you use?

Dear, my wife helped me to transform into woman. Growing breasts is my wish and fantasy. It was not actually taken place. It is only my wish.

I wish I would have met Priya when I was young, then maybe I would be the woman I have always wanted to be!

What a wonderful series of stories, Komali, the life you describe suits you so well and must make you feel wonderful.

Thank you dear.

That seems a great story...

Great experience i too want to enlarge my breast what can i do

Great story