Full Time Job

i have been married to my highschool sweetheart for almost a year now, and have taken on the role of full time house wife. when we got married, we were both working, which was more of a blessing than i knew at the time. shortly after getting married my husband got a job offer with a great company...to srart asap basically. we finished out our 2 weeks with our last jobs, and packed up what we had of our new life, and headed south. my husband has an amazing job; no complaints there. only unless in the coorporate office, all of the job sites are temp. then after that job, they pack you up and send you where they need you next. this job site...happens to be in the middle of the desert, in a town with a mcdonalds, a gas station and a rite aide, to highlight the good things in town. not that i have to much self pride to work at these places (i applied) its that the people around here arnt dumb enough to lose a job once they have it...since there arnt many options. so i took the only job on my plate; full time house wife. its something i always wanted to be, only i wanted to tack on "mommy" to the job description as well. we are young, and dont have kids yet, which is one reason we took this job in the first place. the chance to travel and move, with no kids to have to uproot. so, for now, i am a full time house wife. someday, when its meant to happen, i will upgrade my job description. until then...*cheers*

chxmix chxmix
22-25, F
Feb 20, 2009