Back Into The Maul Of The Beast

I recently went to work for a local university in house keeping. I've done this type of work before for a couple different companies but nothing this extencive. My true job title is "floor tech supervisor" though i'm currently the only person for the whole of the campus on third shift. I don't mind working alone at night but the fact that the work is hard to do alone is rankling.

When i applied to the university i wanted to be just a house keeper but with my background in floor maintenance it weas the wise thing for them to put me where thay did, and it's showing though slowly. The floors are beautiful and i'm told that they haven't looked like this in years, i guess they never had a dedicated floor person before. Well now they do. but my problem is this, i can't remember a darn thing about doing floors.

michaelgray71 michaelgray71
2 Responses Apr 23, 2010

Sounds like you are doing a great job!

As a housekeeper myself, I greatly respect the people who keep my university clean. I know us college kids aren't always the cleanest people around so on behalf of all the other messy, lazy college students, thank you :)